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New CES Champion Jay Perrin: I’m Going To Keep Stacking Bodies Until It’s Undeniable The UFC Calls Me

Interview with Jay Perrin above

Jay Perrin (10-4) recaps his second-round submission victory over Josh Smith (10-7) at CES 64 on Sept. 17. Jay also talks about how much he’s improved since his loss on DWCS in 2019 when he’s looking to fight next, and why he’s not in a rush to get signed to the UFC.
“Ideally I’d love Dana (White) to call me today and go ‘hey man do you want to be in the UFC.’ After DWCS I thought the world owed me something, and it just doesn’t. I don’t know where I’m going to go from here. It could be the UFC, I could defend (my belt) Whatever it is, I’m going to keep stacking bodies until it’s undeniable.” 

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