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“Pac-Man” Manny Pacquiao defeats Bradley in rematch by UD Event Results MMA News 

“Pac-Man” Manny Pacquiao defeats Bradley in rematch by UD

Las Vegas- At the MGM Grand, a rematch of a controversial decision between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley took main stage to set the record straight as to which fighter is the best. As both fighters weighed in on point at 145-pounds Friday night, each prize fighter displayed a healthy, cut physique. The fight was set for 12 rounds on HBO Pay-Per-View.

Pacquiao believes he won the last bout. Boo’s from the crowd rained down during the official decision, which was in the favor of the up-and-coming Indio, California native. Bradley immediately requested a rematch to solidify his victory over the former WBO welterweight champion, nearly two years later the rematch went down.

Showing up to the fight with socks and camouflage trunks, Bradley, showing more confidence immediately compared to last match up with Pacquiao. Both fighters bounced around using counter punches to start round one. After an even first round, Bradley seemed to have won the first round after edging the elder in strikes.

“Pac-Man” landed a hard right hand that stunned Bradley. The welterweight champion picks up the action after being on his heels and a lightening round jumped off in the second round. Bradley opens the third round with a strike, but Pacquiao lands a one-two. At about 2:15 in the third round, Pacquiao started working Bradley as he was moving in and out landing solid strikes.  The third round had the fans screaming in excitement with the action both fighters delivered inside the ring.

After three rounds, Lederman had Pacquiao up 29-28. “Desert Storm” Bradley continues landing body shots throughout the fourth round. Both fighters continue to exchange powerful combinations that have fans on the edge of their seats. The fourth round ends with Bradley swinging for the fences. Bradley landed the best strike in the fourth round with an overhand right.

The fifth round continued with solid action as the two warriors’ numbers remain tight. Lederman gave the fifth round to Bradley. At the end of the sixth round Pacquiao stole the half-way point with an assault of punches tying the fight on Lederman’s card after six rounds. In the seventh, Bradley was stuck on ropes as Pacquiao continued dishing out strikes as he landed ten punches in a row.

As the eighth round pushes through, the feet of Bradley seems to be slowing down. The former champ was trying to corner the champion pushing the pace into the later rounds. Through eight rounds Pacquiao landed 119 punches compared to Bradley’s 91.

Pacquiao smelt blood in the water during round nine and attacked a fatigued Bradley. The politician controlled the entire round. “Pac-Man” has out landed the champion by thirty punches through nine rounds.

The Freddie Roach fighter was flowing in round ten and out landed Bradley 26 to 12 in the tenth round. Entering the final two rounds, Bradley’s corner was asking him to put a round together. After eleven rounds, Pacquiao landed 131 power punches to Bradley’s 98. Lederman’s score card after eleven rounds, “Pac-Man” was up 106-103 up to the final round.

Lederman’s unofficial score card had Pacquiao winning 116-112. The fans at home voting on social media had 97% in favor of Pacquiao. The official results were scored by two judges at 116-112, and 118-110, all for unanimous decision in favor of Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao. After reclaiming his belt, “Pac-Man” improved his record to 56-5-2.

The new welterweight titleholder Pacquiao used his accurate striking and overwhelming combinations to tire his opponent. His impressive footwork seemed to be too much for Bradley as the in and out motion made his feet look like stone. The fight was even until the tipping point when the new champion took over the bout.

The bout was a great action packed match throughout the entire fight, as the fans remained involved during all 12 rounds of the epic rematch.

Pacquiao defeated Bradley by unanimous decision 116-112, 116-112, 118-110.

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