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Paulo Costa reveals Robert Whittaker fight for UFC 284 is not official

UFC middleweight contender Paulo Costa revealed that the planned Robert Whittaker fight for UFC 284 is not official yet.

Costa vs. Whittaker is expected to take place on the upcoming UFC 284 pay-per-view card in Perth, Australia, a fight the promotion has already announced. However, according to the Brazilian, this fight is far from official, and, at this point, Costa isn’t sure the fight will happen.

Speaking to AG Fight in a recent interview, Costa admitted that the Whittaker fight is supposed to be the last fight on his contract. However, he says that he hasn’t signed a contract yet, and in there may actually be a clause in his deal where the actual contract may expire before the fight takes place, which would fulfill his UFC deal without having to fight the final fight on it.

“I didn’t renew with the UFC. I had a conversation with Hunter, who was supposed to give me an answer. I asked for a value and he was supposed to give me an answer about it. I still haven’t had an answer. Everything is possible. I have one more fight and I’m not really sure. I have some lawyers looking at the contract, seeing how it works, because it can also end over time. All of a sudden I don’t even have to do it to finish the contract,” Costa said.

“We have to know how to take care of our things and the contract with UFC is business. I have to be aware of how it works so as not to take a wrong step, to make the best use of it. I have one fight left or by time. I believe that’s it, but I’m still in conversation with the lawyers. I would really like this fight with Whittaker to happen, but it depends on the UFC. No contract yet, nothing. I would like there to be a contract at the level of this fight.”

Do you think Paulo Costa and the UFC will figure out a way for him to fight Robert Whittaker?

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