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PFL 2 Media Day quotes (Curtis Millender and Rory MacDonald)

PFL 2 Media Day went down earlier today ahead of the event on Thursday, April 29th as their 2021 season continues. The sophomore effort of the calendar year emanates from Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The welterweights and light heavyweights are prominently featured on this card. I spoke with both sides of the main event attraction, Curtis Millender and Rory MacDonald, ahead of their high-stakes bout at 170 lbs.

Curtis Millender

I was just kind of curious because in our prior interview we were kind of talking about how you were the matchmaker at Fight Club OC for a period.

Just with this PFL welterweight field here, can you put on the matchmaker hat a little bit and talk about your thoughts on some of these different matchups in the welterweight ranks?

“You know I’ve been so focused on this fight that I don’t know really who’s fighting who outside of Ray Cooper and I believe that guy from France (Jason Ponet), correct? I like Ray Cooper and I think that fight next for me will be awesome. Just because I would love to take out the best two guys in the tournament, in the season first. But the tall guy from Sweden that fight really intrigues me. I would love to fight with him too.”

Rory MacDonald

You were kind of talking about that confidence. Just being able to fluidly adapt with whoever you’re getting out there to fight.

Is that part and parcel with the multitude of bodies and styles that you get to work with at Sanford MMA there?

“Yeah and just over the years of training. I think I’ve been training now in mixed martial arts for like 17 years. So, you come across all different body types and styles. I’ve fought quite a bit of different martial arts styles. So, you know with that experience, I’ve been able to feel pretty comfortable adapting to them.”

PFL 2 Media Day

Yeah, for sure. And it seems like per your social media, you’re very family-oriented.

Has this bubble experience been a great deal difficult being away from the family and just as a broader question, how has the bubble experience been overall?

“Well, I’ve handled it pretty well. I made sure that mentally going into it, I was ready for this. I wanted to make sure that I had a positive mind frame on it. Not to bring any negativity into it because I feel like dwelling on those kinds of things will not be beneficial for me. So I wanted to make myself, even before I got here, ready. Prepared mentally to go through it. So I’ve been flying through it with ease. My preparation for it was good. And, yeah, obviously I miss my family. But I’m here to do my job and I’m focused on that.”

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