Polaris 6 Results

Polaris 6 Results from the O2 Arena in London, England

Polaris Pro Grappling holds Polaris 6 live this Saturday, February 17 from The Indigo At The 02 Arena in London, England.

Polaris is Europe’s longest running large-scale professional grappling event, hosting some of the best grapplers in the world. With a ruleset that prioritises submissions, excitement and skill above all else, Polaris has been host to some of the most exciting matches ever seen on a grappling stage.

Polaris features gi and no gi matches, male and female and is the worldwide leader in professional grappling events.

Complete Polaris 6 Results below:

Prelims start at 12pm and will be streamed live and free on Polaris Facebook page. Prelim matches are 10 minutes:

Polaris 6, Polaris pro grappling

Emilia Tuukkanen vs Leoni Munslow (GI). Winner by unanimous decision: Emilia Tuukkanen.

Jay Butler vs Sean McDonagh (GI). Winner by toe hold: Sean McDonagh.

Santeri Lilius vs Brad Hill (GI). Winner by unanimous decision: Brad Hill.

Tommy Langaker vs Charlie McDonald (GI). Winner by collar choke: Tommy Langaker.

Tiago Valente vs Oliver Lovell (GI). Winner by forearm choke: Oliver Lovell.

Ross Nicholls vs Tommi Pulkkanen (NO GI). Winner by outside heel hook: Ross Nicholls.

Main Card starts at 2pm and will be live and exclusive on UFC Fight Pass. Main Card matches are 15 minutes:

Polaris 6, Polaris pro grappling

Chelsea Leah vs Ffion Davies (NO GI – Contender Match, Ladies under 55kg category). Winner by armbar: Ffion Davies.

Ash Grimshaw vs Marco Cahna (NO GI). Winner by unanimous decision: Marco Cahna.

Chris Fishgold vs Marcin Held (NO GI). Winner by armbar: Marcin Held.

Gezary Matuda vs Serena Gabrielli (NO GI – Contender Match, Ladies under 55kg category). Winner by straight ankle lock: Gezary Matuda.

Benson Henderson vs AJ Agazarm (NO GI). Winner by unanimous decision: Benson Henderson.

Jake Shields vs Craig Jones (NO GI – Championship Match, Mens Middleweight). Winner and middleweight champion by heel hook: Craig Jones.


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