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Pros Pick UFC 175, Rousey unanimous across the board MMA News Opinion 

Pros Pick UFC 175, Rousey unanimous across the board

Pros Pick UFC 175, Rousey unanimous across the board asked nine professional fighters to pick the winners of the top three headlining fights on tonight’s UFC 175 and UFC women’s bantamweight champion was the only choice that was unanimous across the board.  All nine fighters selected Rousey to come out victorious in her title defense tonight against Alexis Davis.

Tim Sylvia – “Machida, Rousey and Struve. But I want Weidman to win.”

Phil Baroni – “Machida, Rousey and Struve.”

Tom DeBlass – “Weidman. Rousey. And not sure about the heavyweight”

Tonya Evinger – “Hmmm. Weidman, Rousey, and I don’t know the other dudes. I don’t really watch UFC unless there’s a chic fight.”

Ben Saunders – “Probably Rousey. Weidman and Machida comes down to how elusive Machida can be and whose conditioning probably looks best in rounds 3, 4, and 5. Not sure how Struve feels post surgery, so we will see.”

Chris Beal – “Weidman, Rousey, Mitrione.”

Abel Trujillo – “Weidman, Rousey and Mitrione.”

Charlie Brenneman – “Tough test for Weidman but I think he’ll win. Rousey all the way. Going with Struve.”

Dustin Pague – “Weidman, Rousey, and Mitrione”


Pro Who Picked:

Weidman: 6

Machida: 2

Undecided: 1


Rousey: 9

Davis: 0

Undecided: 0


Mitrione: 3

Struve: 3

Undecided: 3

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