Quintet 4

Quintet 4 Live Results

Quintet 4

When: September 10, 2023 5am EST

Where: Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan

How To Watch: Flograppling.com

Kazushi Sakuraba’s Quintet is back… finally!

Four teams of five will square off to find out who’s the best.

Craig Jones will be bringing his B Team to Japan to take on Owen Livesey of team Polaris, Geo Martinez and his 10th Planet crew, and of course the legend himself – Kazushi Sakuraba and his team.

The Rules……..

The four teams have a combined weight limit to reach.  They will send their grapplers one at a time, with the goal of eliminating the entire team. You can only advance via submission, while draws eliminate both grapplers. So, if your first teammate wins, he will face off against the other team’s second member. If they draw, then they are both eliminated and next man is up. It is a fun format, and you could see a David vs. Goliath match or two play out.

Tune into Flograppling.com Sunday September 10th briht and early- you don’t want to miss out!

Quintet 4



10th Planet vs. B Team Bulls

Amir Allam vs. Jay Rodriguez DRAW.

PJ Barch vs. Nick Rodriguez DRAW.

Craig Jones defeats Richie Martinez by Toe Hold (B Team Bulls up 1-0).

Craig Jones defeats Geo Martinez by Triangle Armbar (B Team Bulls up 2-0).

Craig Jones vs. Kyle Boehm DRAW.



B Team Bulls vs. Team Polaris 

Nicky Rodriguez vs. Owen Livesey DRAW.

Jay Rodriguez vs. Jed Hue DRAW.

Jozef Chen vs. Tarik Hopstock DRAW.

Nicky Ryan vs. Santeri Lilius DRAW.

Craig Jones vs. Gregor Gracie DRAW.

B Team Bulls win by Referee Decision!


10th Planet vs. Sakuraba

PJ Barch defeats Tomoshige Sera by Rear Naked Choke (10th Planet up 1-0)

PJ Barch vs. Kazushi Sakurab DRAW.

Richie Martinez vs. Haisam Rida DRAW.

Geo Martinez vs. Daisuke Nakamura DRAW.

Kyle Boehm vs. Harry Grech DRAW

10th Planet Wins!


Special Match

Taisei Sakuraba defeats Masato Uchishiba by Kneebar.

Hakuri Ishiguro defeats Mei Yamaguchi by Kneebar.


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