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Richard McLaren leading probe into 2016 Olympics Boxing corruption

The Olympic Games and Aiba are again under fire as Richard McLaren is doing an investigation into the boxing portion of the 2016 Games in Rio. McLaren has identified “seven to ten” bouts that were suspicious with judging. McLaren led the investigation into the Russian doping scandal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Richard McLaren and his associates have spent the last three months investigating Aiba, who is responsible for overseeing amateur boxing not only in the Olympics but in the World Championships and such.

Richard McLaren: Uncovering Deep Corruption

McLaren will look into the judging which has seemingly been corrupt for years. The 16 Olympics were specifically bad. The most notable example was when Ireland’s Michael Conlan was cheated out of a win in the quarterfinals to Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin. In the aftermath, Conlan walked to the judges and gave them the bird and called them “fucking cheats” ringsides in an interview.

While Aiba did remove all of the judges from the incident from international competition but said that no manipulation had been done. Now, Richard McLaren is going after Aiba’s findings looking to figure out what really happened in the 2016 Boxing Olympic Games.

Another boxing match that McLaren and company are looking into was Joe Joyce’s loss to Tony Yoka. Other violations in McLaren’s report include a $250,000 bribe in the bout between Otgondalai Dorjnyambuu of Mongolia and Sofiane Oumiha of France. No bribe was paid and Doejnyambuu lost a controversial decision as well.

While no action has been taken by the IOC, Richard McLaren has a knack of getting the committee to pay attention as seen in his Russian doping scandal probe. While it may be a slow process, rest assured that McLaren is seeking justice for Conlan, Joyce, Doejnyambuu and anyone else affected by fight fixing.

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