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Rizin Trigger 1 combatant quotes and press conference

Rizin Trigger 1 combatant quotes and press conference

Rizin Trigger 1 transpires from the Kobe World Memorial Hall on November 28th. Shoji Maruyama and Kyohei Hagiwara engage in a high-stakes featherweight fight that headlines the first event in the Trigger series. There is also a flyweight bout between a pair of regional champions in Saomoto and Matsuba.

On November 3rd, Rizin CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara addressed the fanbase at a press conference and announced updates for the inaugural Rizin Trigger card.

The new Rizin Trigger series is a platform for up-and-coming regional fighters as well as veterans looking to work their way back up to competing on Rizin’s main stage. One huge, noteworthy facet of the Trigger series is that the prizefights will be held inside a cage as opposed to the normative ring Rizin uses for their numbered events.

Global PPV with English commentary for Rizin Trigger 1 will be available on LIVENow. 

Combatant quotes leading into Rizin Trigger 1 can be found below.

Rizin Fighting Federation


“I’ve been working hard to participate in RIZIN. And I am extremely proud that I will be headlining this event against a young prospect. Expect a kill or be killed fight on November 28th.” 

Kyohei Hagiwara 

“I have nothing but respect for Shoji, and he fought a fun fight in his last showing. But I will use him and his name as a stepping stone for my benefit. November 28th, everybody watch my fight, in my home region.” 

Hiroki Yamashita “Shian” 

“I lost my last fight against Otsuka, but I think Uoi’s style will do well against my style. I’m nothing but excited about this matchup. This will be about who hits harder. I hate being hit so I plan to push the pace and be the one landing more punches.” 

Mamoru Uoi “Fullswing” 

“Thank you very much for booking me in the city I grew up in. I will put on a fight so that you all will become attached to Kobe city. I can become your personal guide of Kobe city so ask me anything if you are looking for something to do once you get to Kobe.” 

Tatsuki Saomoto 

“I’m relieved that I was able to fight again this year. Our team BRAVE has gone on a 4 fight losing streak but the Ace is here to save the day.” 

Takashi Matsuba 

“I will utilize this opportunity to leave a mark in RIZIN. I will work hard to become the key figure in RIZIN.” 

Rizin Trigger 1

Chihiro Suzuki 

“I’ve changed everything in my training environment from that loss. I can only avenge that loss inside the ring. I will win.” 

Sora Yamamoto 

“I’m happy and nervous to be fightin in RIZIN, but I will dominate this fight and show my true skills. I will show the difference between a kickboxer trying MMA, and an MMa fighter who’s dedicated his life to MMA.”


“Strasser” Kiichi Kunimoto 

“I’m excited to be fighting in the cage at a RIZIN event. RIZIN’s light divisions have become popular while I was gone but I came back to show you what the heavier division can do. I will show the difference in power and speed in the most internationally popular welterweight division.” 

Takahiro Kawanaka 

“I hope to put on a performance so that people will remember my face and my name. RIZIN’s welterweight division isn’t too active so I hope to be the key figure.” 

Ryuchiro Sumimura 

“My opponent is a young explosive prospect but I plan to pat his green ass and send him back home to where he came from.” 

Rizin FF

Yusaku Kinoshita 

“I’m grateful for this opportunity. Sumimura was fighting at the top level since I was still an amateur. I know why I got the call. Will do my best to meet everybody’s expectations. I will show you a finish that you will never forget.” 

Makoto Kamaya 

“RIZIN is my major league of this sport. 20 years after graduating highschool I have finally realized my dream. I will do everything it takes to get the win in my dream stage.” 

Daiki “Lightyear” Tsubota 

“I’m very grateful to get the opportunity to compete in my hometown Kobe. I would like to take my fans and create a great atmosphere for RIZIN’s Kobe event. I hope everybody enjoys my fight.” 

Keisuke Okuda 

“This will be my first fight in RIZIN! RIZIN LANDMARK? I don’t remember fighting on that card so it doesn’t count! I’m fighting in Kobe? Kobe means DRAGON GATE! I’ll be fighting an American? I know English. Hey Referee, ask him God damn!” 

Grant Bogdanove 

“I’m grateful for the opportunity. RIZIN’s first event with the cage, I will promise to show you my Jiu Jitsu black belt technique. I will be ready for a great fight.” 

Katsuya Fujiwara 

“This is the biggest opportunity of my life and I will take it. I’ll win this and become famous” 

Kenji Kato 

“I’m excited to be back in RIZIN. I know why I am brought back. Here to do one thing, and I ask to be the first fight of the night. I promise to pull the trigger on an explosive night of fights.” 

Rizin Kickboxing

Hiroto Ichimura 

“My opponent has a big name as a former champion and I will go in there to take everything from him.” 

Tepparith Joegym 

“I will get a knockout!” 

Tsubasa Morii 

“I would like to use this opportunity to make my way up to the big show. I will be the next thing in the sport to pay attention.” 


“I am very grateful to be able to train full time as a professional fighter. I will dominate this fight and make him regret that he took this fight against me.” 

Jin Mandokoro 

“This will be my 3rd fight in RIZIN but I still haven’t been able to show you a knockout. I will put on a show that you won’t forget.” 

Yu Hiramatsu 

“I want to show that my Muay Thai style can be exciting and can take on kickboxing. I will put on a performance that will not disappoint those who believe in me.” 

Momoka Mandokoro 

“I will put on a performance that will leave an impact and have people remember my name.” 


“Momoka has been competing at the top level since I started fighting as a professional. I think this will be a great challenge for me, but I think I am more marketable. I will take this opportunity to get the win.”

Confirmed Bouts for Rizin Trigger 1 in Kobe on November 28th 

  • Shoji vs Kyohei Hagiwara – 66kg MMA Rules
  • Shian vs Uoi Fullswing – 61kg MMA Rules
  • Tatsuki Saomoto vs Takashi Matsuba – 57kg MMA Rules
  • Chihiro Suzuki vs Sora Yamamoto – 66kg MMA Rules
  • Strasser Kiichi vs Takahiro Kawanaka – 77kg MMA Rules
  • Ryuichiro Sumimura vs Yusaku Kinoshita – 77kg MMA Rules
  • Makoto Kamaya vs Daiki Tsubota – 61kg MMA Rules
  • Keisuke Okuda vs Grant Bogdanove – 73kg MMA Rules
  • Kenji Kato vs Katsuya Fujiwara – 61kg MMA Rules
  • Hiroto Ichimura vs Tepparith – 61kg Kickboxing Rules
  • Tsubasa Morii vs FUJIMON♡ – 55kg Kickboxing Rules
  • Jin Mandokoro vs Yu Hiramatsu – 53kg Kickboxing Rules
  • Momoka Mandokoro vs Miku – 46kg Kickboxing Rules

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