Road to UFC, "Road to UFC" brackets announced: Set for June

“Road to UFC” brackets announced: Set for June

Asia’s top MMA fighters will have the opportunity to make their way to the UFC this June at the “Road to UFC” tournament.

The promotion announced the tournament back in April and has now released the brackets and dates for the contest.

It will feature fighters from all over Asia, including India, Japan, China, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia. It will be split into four eight-man tournaments in the flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight divisions with a few non-tournament bouts in the mix.

Check out the brackets below:

The first round of bouts is set to take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium ahead of UFC 275 and will be split into a four-episode series which is to be broadcasted on UFC Fight Pass.

Episode schedule:

Episode 1:

Yi Zha vs. Sasu Keisuke – featherweight

Balajin vs. Ki Wonbin – lightweight

Maimaitituoheti Keremuaili vs. Kazama Toshiomi – bantamweight

Choi SeungGuk vs. Rama Supandhi – flyweight

Zhang MingYang vs. George Tokkos – light heavyweight (non-tournament bout)

Episode 2:

Kim MinWoo vs Xiao Long – bantamweight

Hong JunYoung vs Matsushima Koyomi – featherweight

Qiu Lun vs Wallen Del Rosario – flyweight

Ailiya Muratbek vs Pawan Maan – lightweight

Shaun Etchell vs Uchida Takeru – flyweight (non-tournament bout)

Episode 3:

Lee JeongYeong vs Xie Bin – featherweight

Yuma Horiuchi vs Top Noi – flyweight

Anshul Jubli vs Usami Sho Patrick- lightweight

Nakamura Rinya vs Gugun Gusman – bantamweight

Seo Yedam vs Josefine Knutsson – women’s strawweight (non-tournament bout)

Episode 4:

Nose Shohei vs WulijiBuren – bantamweight

Asikerbai Jinensibieke vs Kyung Pyo Kim – lightweight

Lu Kai vs Angga – featherweight

Park HyunSung vs Jeremia Siregar – flyweight

John Adajar vsΒ  Kim HanSeul – welterweight (non-tournament bout)

The first two episodes are set to take place on June 9th while the following two are set for the following day on June 10th.

The winners will move on and the losers are to be eliminated. The semi-finals and finals will be held on a later date, but have yet to be announced.

We will keep you updated with tournament results here at MyMMANews.

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