Ronaldo Souza confirms move to boxing: “I’ve always had strong hands”

Former UFC middleweight contender Ronaldo Souza, who was recently cut by the promotion, says he is next going to step into the boxing ring.

Souza, better known by MMA fans as “Jacare,” turned 42 years old last month. As of this moment, he is no longer under UFC contract after losing to Andre Muniz via brutal submission last year, breaking his arm. It was his fourth straight loss inside the Octagon, and the UFC matchmakers decided that would be the end of Souza’s UFC career, so they cut him. Considering his age and the fact he had his arm broken in the Muniz fight, many MMA fans were expecting Souza to sail away into the sunset.

But that’s not the case, as Souza can’t stay away from combat sports. Speaking to in a recent interview, the Brazilian admitted that he has been training his boxing during his time off, and he is now expected to take a boxing fight. According to Souza, he has already been offered an opponent, and he hopes to reveal more details of his boxing debut soon.

“I couldn’t stay away from my training routine. I began to train boxing and I received a proposal to fight that I liked,” Souza said. “I cannot say the name of the event yet. What I can say is that my boxing is being sharpened already. Even though I came from jiu-jitsu, I´ve always loved boxing, and if you see my MMA fights, I’ve always had strong hands.”

Souza is far from the first MMA fighter to try their hand at boxing after their mixed martial arts career has come to an end. Fellow former Strikeforce alumni Tyron Woodley, for instance, recently had two boxing matches with Jake Paul. It seems to be a very trendy thing for MMA fights to crossover into boxing, and Souza appears to be the next fighter to do just that.

How do you think Ronaldo Souza will do in his boxing career?

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