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Ryan Jones calls for Diego Sanchez following stoppage over Tomlinson

Interview with Ryan Jones above

On August 20th, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship returned to Biloxi, Mississippi to present an absolute home run of a fight card in BKFC 20. The main event featured a pair of BKFC veterans, Reggie Barnett Jr. and Johnny Bedford pitting themselves in the squared circle for the second time as they vied for the vacant BKFC bantamweight strap.

Hard hitting, Ryan “The Juggernaut” Jones was also featured on the bill as he took on Kaine Tomlinson for the short duration of their slugfest.

Jones entered the contest dealing with quite a full platter as the Louisiana native contracted Covid-19 just a few weeks ahead of the fight. Canceling all of his final cardio preparations, Jones felt the setback take a toll on his conditioning as he knew he had to get Tomlinson out of the contest with a quickness.

“I got a lot of love and respect for Kaine and his son, Zion,” Jones says. “I feel like Kaine with all his wisdom and experience, I felt like if we were to straight-up box, he would probably have some tricks up his sleeve I probably haven’t learned yet,” Jones admits. “I felt like my speed and athleticism would play a big effect into beating him,” Jones says. “But once I got sick and knew I wasn’t going to have the cardio to do that for five rounds I was like alright, I got to let it all out in the first round.”

Once the first bell sounded, all hell broke loose from both corners. Both fighters exchanged bombs in the center of the ring, eventually in a half collar/Thai-plum position, exchanging devastating punches. While both fighters landed their share of impact, Jones landed harder and faster, dropping Tomlinson in the opening minutes of the bout. Tomlinson took a knee, clearly hurt from the exchange, missing the 10-count. At that moment, instead of celebrating, Jones came over to embrace his downed opponent. An act of a true sportsman.

Following the bout, Jones and Tomlinson shared a moment swapping walk-out t-shirts in a showing of mutual respect. The tradition of “swapping jerseys” has become one of the utmost physical signs of respect to present an opponent. A tradition originating in Soccer in 1931. The showing of respect has transcended throughout the years for various sporting events.

Looking to the future, Jones can only think of one name who was recently added to the BKFC roster as a potential opponent. “Diego Sanchez! I’ve been talking so much crap trying to get that dude to come on,” Jones says with a laugh. “It’s no bad blood or nothing. It’s just, I’m not getting any younger so why not fight the biggest names I can fight,” he explains.

Tune in as Ryan “The Juggernaut” Jones checks in with MyMMANews following his stoppage win over Kaine Tomlinson at BKFC 20, last weekend, August 20th. He discusses his feelings going into the bout, adjusting his game after finding out about Covid. He talks a bit about fighting Diego Sanchez and so much more!

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