Scott Jorgensen Talks Choke Slamming First Opponent, Playing XBOX and Wearing Singlets in Public

Scott Jorgensen Talks Choke Slamming First Opponent, Playing XBOX and Wearing Singlets in Public

Scott Jorgensen had become one of the faces of World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) by the time the promotion was acquired by the UFC. “Young Guns” was a fan favorite who transitioned under the Zuffa banner but did not find himself on an easy path once there.  He battled guys like Renan Barao, Eddie Wineland, Urijah Faber, and Wilson Reis.  Jorgensen was released from the organization after losing three in a row and has not competed since November 2015.  Tony Reid of caught up with the bantamweight competitor for a few quick questions.

Tony Reid – If you could choose one fight from your career to this point that you are most proud of which one is it and why?

Scott Jorgensen – “The most exciting and the one the fans loved the most, it seems, is the one with Brad Pickett back in the WEC.”

Tony Reid – If you could fight anyone in any weight class who are you picking a fight with and why?

Scott Jorgensen – “For fantasy sake, I would say I want to fight one of my idols, someone like Wanderlei Silva. I want to fight Pat Barry, too. He keeps ducking me. I told him we can have a catch weight at 125.”

Tony Reid – I don’t think he’s making 125 without getting limbs removed.

Scott Jorgensen – “We are going to take two of his legs off, so he can’t use them.”

Tony Reid – Who has the heaviest hands of anybody you have fought?

Scott Jorgensen – “Well I have only been knocked out once, and that was by Eddie Wineland, so apparently that was the hardest. He hit me with a punch I didn’t see and it put me on my butt. I feel like the ref stopped that one a bit early though. As far as guys I have been in a fight with and thought they could really throw heat that would be Brad Pickett. Like OK, we are going to try to kill each other. Wineland is the only guy to knock me out so he gets the feather in his cap for that one.”

Tony Reid – As a fan of the sport, who are your favorite fighters to watch and why?

Scott Jorgensen – “I loved watching Wanderlei when I first started in college and when I was just starting MMA. I thought he was the absolute kingpin. He was vicious, he was there to win. I loved watching him. I loved watching Dan Henderson. Now I just like watching good fights. I enjoy a lot of fighters now, especially because I know them personally. It’s hard to single out just one.”

Tony Reid – Where do you draw the line or when does it become inappropriate to wear a singlet in public?

Scott Jorgensen – “Never. Not never, ever. I have a singlet I keep at the gym. I have a singlet I keep at the house. Well, I have a bunch of them at the house. You never know when that singlet might come out. It might be in Brazil on the beach…Boom…singlet.”

Tony Reid – Best inspiration to fight?

Scott Jorgensen – “I just like fighting. I have always had that mentality of wanting to be the best and wanting to compete. I always like to test myself and fighting is the ultimate way to test yourself.”

Tony Reid – Best memory from your first fight?

Scott Jorgensen – “WWE style choke slamming a kid, literally. His corner threw in the towel realizing this was a bad fucking idea.”

Tony Reid – What was the best moment in your career so far?

Scott Jorgensen – “Man, I have had a lot of great moments. I had title fights but I haven’t walked away with a title yet. Right now, main eventing the TUF 17 Finale against Uriah Faber, the guy that talked me into fighting in the first place.”

Tony Reid – Best thing about MMA compared to other sports?

Scott Jorgensen – “Beyond the competition side of things, I rely on me. I test myself. I push myself every day. The ultimate test for who you are as a person. That and the ability to, in life, be able to do what I want. I travel the world, I don’t work a regular 9 to 5 job. I get to spend a lot of time in the gym. It leaves me a lot of time with my family. It allows me to spend time with my son and allows me to do things I never got to do as a kid.”

Tony Reid – What feels best, a knockout or submission victory?

Scott Jorgensen – “I’m trying to remember how they feel…They are about the same to me. Either way you got the job done. You know you did work. Sometimes the submission is a little more satisfying because a lot of times you can luckily catch someone in an exchange but you have to put more work into a submission sometimes. But either way, they are both great.”

Tony Reid – Best opponent?

Scott Jorgensen – “I’ve fought so many Goddamn title holders and number one contenders and champions now but it has to be Renan Barao or Dominick Cruz. Barao is on some ridiculous streak, I’m gonna say Barao.”

Tony Reid – Best way to get pumped before a fight?

Scott Jorgensen – “I have Joe (Warren) talking in my ear pumping me up and when my walkout music “Alive” by Kid Cudi comes on its time to go play. It’s time to have fun.”

Tony Reid – Best job before becoming a fighter?

Scott Jorgensen – “I had such a short career. It’s hard to say which was best. I worked for a year or two as a marketing director for a home care company. It was pretty sweet. I set my own schedule, did my own thing for the most part.”

Tony Reid – Best cartoon character resemblance?

Scott Jorgensen – “One of my buddies used to say I could be a character from Dragonball Z. Mostly because of the tattoos and the hair.”

Tony Reid – Best dinner guests? Three people, past or present, who would they be?

Scott Jorgensen – “I think General Patton would be fun. Kid Cudi for sure. Tyler the Creator. That would be a fucked up, weird dinner with those three!”

Tony Reid – Best guilty pleasure?

Scott Jorgensen – “Playing XBOX with all my team, my gaming team. I love games. I love Ben& Jerry’s Ice Cream and I love candy. That’s the problem with going down to 125. I don’t get any of it!”

Tony Reid – Best lesson life has handed you?

Scott Jorgensen – “There is always a way to get better. There is always a way to improve your situation. There is always a way to get better.”

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