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Scott Suiter on Wesley Russum: “I want to hurt him in a violent way”

Scott Suiter has lived a life that captures the essence of “on the edge.” He takes advantage of every adventure thrown his way to experience this rare existence of life and makes damn sure he makes the most of it. Suiter balances a fine line of hard work breeding the “mean” competitor you see in the cage intertwined with the man who has fought in the cage, to keep the lights on, and to keep his peace of mind. Bearing all that experience, Scott Suiter has come to one conclusion when it comes to fighting: “Let’s have fun!”

On February 1st, Scott “The Last Neanderthal, Dirty Scooter” Suiter takes to the cage again to take on MVJ/First State Martial Arts student, Wesley Russum in a bantamweight contest at Stellar Fights 45.

Both fighters are coming off of loses, so getting in the win column would be the most important detail of the contest to most. Suiter, says however, “I do not want a boring fight!” Continuing with “I want to stand and bang!I want to have a war!” Emphasizing “I always am focusing on ‘let’s just have some fun.”

Discussing the mental aspect of the fight game he’s grown to learn, adapt and embrace, Suiter openly discusses his past losses with his head in a positive place: “In fighting…You can’t have anything on your mind! You know, you gotta be totally sound! Finally, I’m starting to be sound again!” The 302 BJJ prospect says with a grin.

When asked how Suiter feels the bout will play out, Suiter, seemingly, more-than-ready says:

“Let’s have some fun! You know, I’m ready to get mean, and it’s something I wanna show everybody. They see it in the gym, but it’s still something that’s my goal. I just want to show everyone a wild fight! Winning the fight is the goal! It’s the goal! Ok, I get that…But, for me…I’m kind of an entertainer. I’ve been entertaining for years. And, honestly I hate to say this but a good, crazy, fun, exciting fight is more of a win to me then me getting the win. So even if I had got a loss which I’m not focused on getting a loss. Darn it man. I want to give fans a wild, fun fight. It’s very important to me!”

Closing with, “I want to hurt him in a violent way!”

Tune in above to hear from Scott Suiter as he sits down with MyMMANews at 302 BJJ in Wilmington, DE. ahead of his Stellar Fights 45 bout with Wesley Russum.

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