Sean Strube

Sean Strube ready for Houston Conway, LFA 41

Fighting out of Maple Grove, Minnesota this featherweight prospect is making his return after a year hiatus. Sean Strube who is a top amateur prospect will be taking on a fellow prospect, Houston Conway this Friday at Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA 41).

First of all, how did you get into MMA? Do you have any background in any other sports?
“I really just stumbled upon MMA. I played hockey for 14 years thought I’d try out Jiu Jitsu after watching a couple UFC and WEC fights. I fell in love with being a martial artist and began to truly dedicate myself to it and I found success.”Sean Strube

Outside of MMA, What do you do for work?
“I currently work as a waiter, and I plan on beginning work on becoming an electrician this summer.”

Who are you currently training with and how did you come across the camp? Also, who are some of your main training partners?
“I am training at McCune’s Martial Arts under former world champion Chris Mccune. My main training partners for this camp have been Alphonso Weah, Derek Cartensen, Brody Martin, Derek Getzel, and Matt “the Yeti” Larson. I also have a pleather of upper belt grapplers and high-level wrestlers that push me to my abilities daily.”

You are making the move up to 145 for the first time. Which made you decide that? What is your favorite thing to eat before and after weight cut?
“I’ve fought at 145 before actually at the beginning of my career, I’m not a small 135 pounder. Taking this fight at 145 is just another step to getting back to that high-level I was consistently at before my knee injury. I can’t wait to dig into some Hong Thai pineapple fried rice after weigh-ins, Hong Thai is the best Thai restaurant in the world!”

What has been your favorite memory of your mma career so far?
“My three round WAR with Caleb Merth, to be able to pull out a victory verse such a high-level fighter like him was a huge confidence booster to this is what I am meant to do.”

What would be your favorite striking and grappling technique?
“I’m a flashy striker, I love to kick people in the head, and on the ground, I live to be creative my goal is always to do something no one sees coming.”
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Where are some locations you’d like to travel to and fight?
“I’d love to fight at MSG and T-Mobile arena, as well as, travel out to Dublin, Sydney, and other international locations.”

Explain what a normal day is like in the life of Sean Strube?
“I wake up 6 AM hit the gym, do cardio or weights. Then I go to work or morning grappling to either train or coach. Stay busy throughout the afternoon working or running errands. After work, I train some more until 8 pm, then hang out with some friends or play some video games with my roommate.”

You are coming off more than a year layoff. Why so?
“I almost completely torn my PCL, had tears in my ACL, and in my meniscus. I took the complete year off so that everything is 100% and rebuilt it to be stronger than ever.”

You have an impressive record of 8-1 as an amateur. When do you plan to move to pro?
“The plan to turn pro is to do it towards the end of 2018, I am planning on having 1 more 135lb scrap with another top rank midwest kid.”

You’re set to fight Houston Conway for LFA 41 this Friday. What do you think of him as an opponent and how do you see this fight playing out?
“Houston is an absolute bull, he’s going to be coming to take my head off, but the matador being the more skilled and efficient fighter is the one to win for a reason. My technique is superior and I’m a lot more battle tested than he is. I see myself picking him apart on the feet, him shooting a poor takedown and I end the fight via submission or TKO.”

What is your goal in your MMA career? How far are you wanting to take this journey?
“My goal is to become world champion. I’m not in the business to be just another fighter. My plan is to take this career by the horns and ride it off the cliff until its time to move on.

“I just want to give a huge shout out to my sponsors Hong Thai, Accelerated chiropractic, Kenyon law firm, Grillo foods, Isagenix, and thank you to all of my team, friends, and family for alll of the support it means the world to me that you are willing to help me pursue my life passion.”