Serena DeJesus

SFLC Podcast Episode 89: Bill Viola Sr., Bill Viola Jr. & Serena DeJesus

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Bill Viola Sr. is the co-founder of CV Productions, which started the sport we love, as we now know it, MMA! Bill Viola Jr. is the co-author or the book “Godfathers Of MMA”. Listen to the story of the beginning of Mixed Martial Arts, not in November of 1993, but 14 years earlier! (Follow @GodfathersofMMA)

Serena DeJesus (@SerenaSouthpaw) is an undefeated amateur fighter who will be covering Invicta FC 15 this weekend! Find out what she has been up to, and we also re-launch the #100KChallenge! So share, retweet and DOWNLOAD!!!!

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