Sharif Jones

Sharif Jones stepping up for battle at CES 46, October 27

Sharif Jones moves to 170 pounds

Sharif “Bamm Bamm” Jones has always been a lightning rod on the regional scene in the Philadelphia/New Jersey MMA promotional landscape.  Even when he was an amateur, Jones brought a loud, wild fan following to match his electric personality.  He has always tried to sell his fights with some verbal jabbing and sometimes outright provocation.  Many people love him.  Many people dislike him.  He wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s important to Sharif is his daughter, his mother, his family and close friends who have been with him since the beginning.  He works hard and fights hard and at the end of the day, he can go home and kiss his little girl and it makes it all worth it.

His career has had many ups and downs, twists and turns.  He has changed camps several times. Originally he started at Brazen Boxing in what seems a long time ago.  He has hooked back up with several members from there to work out in recent months.  The 25 year-old has recently reunited with a long time friend and training partner from Brazen, Anthony Terrell, who will be working his corner, helping him prepare both mentally and physically for the biggest fight of his career.  Terrell is more than just a friend and is a calming influence on Sharif.Sharif Jones vs Will Martinez

Jones has fought at 155 lbs, tried going down to 145 lbs, but now is trying something a little different. He will not have to lose much weight as he accepts a fight at 170 lbs for CES 46 on October 27. His fight will be broadcast live on AXS TV.  Bamm Bamm (3-2) will be stepping into the cage against Gary “Batman” Balletto Jr. (4-1), the son of professional boxer, Gary Balletto, who is an iconic figure in Rhode Island.

Balletto will definitely be looking to stand and exchange.  Jones knows his wrestling is a strength but is putting in the work with his boxing coach, Octavio Pineda who owns Let’s Be Elite Boxing and Fitness Academy.  Jones is confident that he will be stronger and faster without the weight cut, which has been a trouble spot for him in the past.

Another difference is that this fight takes place in Rhode Island at the Twin River Casino and will not bring the fan support that he normally has fighting close to his home in Philadelphia.  That may workout to his advantage as he will have only one thing to worry about and that is his opponent. I visited Sharif to chat at the brand new Anytime Fitness in Deptford, N.J. where he is the General Manager.  He’s a great interview. Please give a listen below as he covers a little bit of everything and most importantly, his next challenge at CES.


Sharif Jones, CES MMA 46