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Bart Pierre

Bart Pierre set for #1 contender elimination bout at Art of War 3

Tending bar after college was a way to put money in his pockets, but Bart Pierre just wasn’t happy.  Troy Whodabull is a very astute observer and is always looking to recruit good men and women to join his Grappling Nation squad.  In the bar, grabbing an adult beverage, Whodabull approached Pierre after noticing that he looked like an athlete.  The next chapter in Pierre’s life was about to begin.

“Bang” grew up playing all the popular team sports and found his way to college as a lacrosse player.  He had always been active and athletic, so bartending wasn’t really in his heart.  Whodabull invited Pierre over to his school to try some mixed martial arts.  It became a match made in heaven.  Pierre found his new passion and would be able to get back to physical fitness as the focal point in his life.

Pierre dove into his new path and began training and learning every day.  He’s been rolling and training his Brazilian jiu -jitsu with coach Whodabull and a bear of a man in Omar Cruickshank.  Omar has been growing  his “Crush Crew” brand and style. More and more fighters are seeking out the big man.  Bart Pierre

After a while, when his coaches thought he was prepared, they booked him for a fight. Pierre’s gotten the taste of winning and losing as he now stands at 2-1 early into his fight career.  He has also started his own personal fitness training venture and in peak physical condition.  Following him on social media, you can see the results as has a chiseled physique which came not just with hard work, but proper diet.

Pierre recently accepted a fight with Martinez BJJ stand-out, Duane Shields (2-0) at Art of War 3 on October 14.  One week ago, he was notified by Art of War promoter, Mike Bickings, that his battle with Shields has become an elimination bout for the number one contender at 155 lbs.  Pierre or Shields will get to face the winner between John “Bearcat” Brennan and Eddie “Shuperman” Shupe, who are scheduled to face-off for the lightweight strap at AOW 4,December 8 in Philadelphia inside the famed 2300 Arena.

Please listen to Bart Pierre below. He tells us about his transformation from the bar to the cage and where he sees career going. Bart’s an educated, smart gentleman and a pleasure to listen and speak to. will be cageside for commentary, live results and photos.



Bart Pierre vs Duane Shields

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