Who wins the AFC Light Heavyweight Title?

Who wins the AFC Light Heavyweight Title?

In just over three weeks time, AFC fans will bare witness to the biggest light heavyweight title fight in Australian Fighting Championship history. Reigning champion Jamie Abdallah will battle UFC and PRIDE Veteran Sokoudjou in what promises to be an absolute blockbuster fight.

So as we eagerly await this showdown, there are a number of questions that will need to be answered in this one:

  • Can Sokoudjou deal with the one punch KO power Jamie comprises?
  • Can Jamie negate the relentless takedown attempts from Sokoudjou?
  • Can Sokoudjou avoid the iconic Abdallah uppercut?
  • Can Jamie survive the devastating ground and pound of Sokoudjou should the fight hit the ground?

Well it’s only a matter of time before we get answers to these questions; however the main question still remains – who will win the AFC Light Heavyweight Title Fight?

Will we crown a new champion in Sokoudjou…?

Sokoudjou is a knockout machine and has fought on the biggest promotions in the world including the UFC, PRIDE, Bellator and Strikeforce. His big game experience may very well give him the competitive edge in this fight. He has beaten some huge names in the sport of martial arts including Bob Sapp, Matt Hammill, and Antônio Rogério Nogueira so he no doubt holds the upper hand when it comes to the calibre of opponents he’s fought. He has also had 36 MMA fights so he is what we’d call a crafty veteran of the sport. In relation to results, lets not forget that 66% of his wins come via KO so when he hits someone they generally go to sleep! Sokoudjou has also proven in recent times that his ground ‘n’ pound is legitimately devastating (see Sokoudjou vs Tenorio) so he has the comfort of being able to finish the fight wherever it goes. All of this combined makes the ‘challenger’ an incredibly dangerous prospect.

Will Jamie Abdallah retain…?

The Champ earned the title in devastating fashion back at AFC 12 when he stopped Daniel Almedia in the very first round with a vicious uppercut. In his career thus far, Jamie has proven that he can well and truly finish a fight with a single punch (see Abdallah vs. Almedia) however he can also participate in an all out brawl and reign supreme (see Abdallah vs Ray). From a power perspective, Jamie no doubt holds the advantage against his opponent and should he test that chin just once, the fight will more than likely be over. Jamie however also has a very technical ground game; his takedown defence is excellent and he is ultra aggressive off his back. Jamie has also shown that he has the skills to avoid submissions and get back to his feet where he can throw down. Jamie has long talked about his very underrated ground game and this one hit the mat, don’t be surprised if Jamie pulls out a slick submission or devastating ground ‘n’ pound finish.

So on October 28, the world will learn who earns the right to be the AFC Light Heavyweight Champion; Sokoudjou may win, Abdallah may win, but once again it’s guaranteed that AFC fans will definitely win!

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