Amokrane Sabet shot dead by police

VIDEO: Former Mixed Martial Artist Shot Dead by Police in Bali

VIDEO: Former Mixed Martial Artist Shot Dead by Police in Bali

Former professional mixed martial artist Amokrane Sabet was shot dead by police officers in Bali on Sunday.

Sabet (1-3) who last competed professionally in 2011, has had a recent history of erratic and unstable behavior.

“There had been many complaints about him such as eating at restaurants without paying, carrying a knife, and harassing people, but every time we called him in for questioning, he never showed up,” said Bali police spokesman Hery Wiyanto.

Police responded to Sabet’s home when the discovered that the Algerian native had overstayed his visa.

Sabet became irate after approximately 40 officers responded.  He stepped outside of his home with a large knife.  In the below video Sabet tells officers he has a gun and refuses to put down his knife.  Bali Police Chief Inspector General Sugeng Priyanto told local media that warning shots were fired.

Police officer Anak Agung Putu Sudi, 39, was reportedly stabbed eight times in the neck, chest, and thigh, and subsequently died of his wounds.

“When attempting to pick him up, the offender was carrying a sharp weapon, a knife, and resisted police,” said Wiyanto. “One of our officers tried to approach him and calm him down, but Sabet stabbed him… One of our members died when the French man stabbed him with a knife. We then shot him dead after our warning shots were ignored.”


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