Spotlight Essential Creatine Range

Spotlight Essential Creatine Range

Creatine is an energy-producing element used by the body to maximize muscle building activities’ effectiveness. While creatine is naturally produced and found within the body, supplemental amount are taken by bodybuilders and other athletes to draw maximum benefit from the substance.

Creatine is popular because it presents numerous benefits; the main one is its vital role in increasing muscle mass, enhancing physical performance, and building the body’s strength. In addition to these pluses, some studies have been published that demonstrate its ability to protect against neurological ailments. Lastly, despite speculative musings to the contrary, no evidence gives credence to the notion that taking creatine supplements has side effects. The scientific community collectively backs the efficacy of this supplement. In addition to whey, this may be your most crucial supplement.

Explore the range of creatine that we have available by giving some of these products a try:

Muscletech – Platinum 100% Creatine

This product of Muscletech comes in a formula that retains the core substance, creatine, in its purest form, with no added flavour. This formula gives the user 5 grams of creatine per serving, translating to about 80 servings in each tub of supplement. In a nutshell, Muscletech Platinum produces results that are evident in improved recovery, more strength, and more lean muscle overall, making it the company’s most popular product to date.

Muscletech – CellTech 6lb

Also from Muscletech, this creatine formula packs quite a punch. Its composition of creatine hydrogen chloride branched-chain amino acids, creatine monohydrate and carbs has caused it to be portrayed as ‘The most powerful creatine formula’. If study results showing that users on whom the tests were performed gained up to 3.4 pounds of muscle on average, then it has certainly earned the moniker! This was reportedly after just a week of use! Not only is CellTech powerful, but it also comes packed with flavour offered in three different varieties: Orange, Grape and Fruit Punch.

Beast – Creature Creatine Complex

Beast has been formulated to have a quicker uptake period than most other types. As such, taking this product means that creatine is made available for use by your body quicker, which may have very positive results throughout the workout and beyond. In addition to this quick uptake, Beast is created using a formula that combines five or more different kinds of creatine, a singular recipe that has an equally unique list of pros associated with it.

Cellucor – CN3

CN3 works best when taken as a pre-workout supplement. It has a flavor alternative labelled as Cherry Limeade, giving you the option to try something sweeter than the norm. The main draw for CN3 by Cellucor is its formulation. It is a 3-in-1-amalgamation containing creatine complex as well as nitric oxide. The inclusion of nitric oxide in one supplement makes the CN3 particularly attractive. It eliminates the need for the purchase of separate nitric oxide tubs and provides an ideal dosage in one go.

There is certainly no choice in the variety of creatine supplements available to those looking to find that extra boost that will give them the best results after a grueling workout. From Muscletech CellTech to Beast Creature Creatine Complex, your body will be availed of what it needs as part of a well-constructed stack. May you increase your ability to achieve more of your workout goals.



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