Stephanie Skinner

Stephanie “The Scrapper” Skinner on fighting for Glory

With MMA being the hottest combat sport under the sun today, standup fighters often find their way to the cage for competitions sake. Such was the case for Stephanie Skinner. With a fan given nickname, “The Scrapper”, Skinner was happy to appease the audience with her gritty stand and brawl style. However, with such a style of fighting comes with the kryptonite of the ground game, which never really interested Skinner.

Glory Kickboxing comes to the rescue and saved Christmas for Skinner as they reached out to offer her a fight in the Glory ring just around the holidays. An elated Skinner was quick to jump to the call and expressing that she may not look back to the cage again when all is said and done if all goes well with Glory.

Skinner took the time to discuss the offer from Glory and much more as she and MyMMANews, Adam Crist go one on one in this exclusive. Tune in below!

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