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Steve “Mean Machine” Garcia: “I’ll go out on my shield before I have a boring fight”

For the second JW Fight Night event in a row, Steve “Mean Machine” Garcia is the local headliner. The 25th anniversary event for Fresquez Productions pairs the JacksonWink product against Andrew “The Beast” Whitney.

How does it feel to be in this spot headlining a 25th Anniversary Card?

“I’m honestly very thankful and privileged being able to headline another one of his (Lenny Fresquez) cards. I honestly appreciate the fact that he can hold me to that… standard that I’m going to bring it and that I’m definitely going put on a show, just like I normally do. I’m happy, I thank Lenny Fresquez for the opportunity, and it’s just another night. It’s going to be a good night for me.”

Your last win was over someone (Abel Cullum) you looked up to growing up how big of a win will you look back at it down the line?

“That was a fun fight. We had a few different things that happen. I wasn’t 100% in that fight, but it goes to show that my conditioning is on point, my training is on point. No matter if I’m 100% or 70%, it doesn’t matter I’m going to come to fight. A lot of people were weirded out with all the blood, because they haven’t seen that much blood, but the sport; it is what it is. Sometimes you get these knockouts, sometimes you get these bloody gory fights, sometimes you have wars. You never know what’s gonna happen, sometimes even get boring ones, but I’d rather be slugging it out, before I see another boring fight. You know, that’s not how we do it here in Albuquerque (NM). You know, it’s in my blood we fight. I’ll go out on my shield before I have a boring fight. It’s not what I’m about. I had a game opponent. There was so many times that I thought I was gonna be able to finish it, but he held in there, took my shots, he threw a few himself. But I train hard, I train with the best, and I’m trying to climb back up the ranks and get to the more elite levels. That’s pretty much what the game plan was then and is now”.

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