Try These 4 Supplements if You Want to Be an MMA Fighter – Or Just Train Like One

Try These 4 Supplements if You Want to Be an MMA Fighter – Or Just Train Like One

Whether you are an MMA fighter or you just like to train like one, you want to be sure you’re giving your body all the fuel it needs for peak performance. You know how to eat right, and you have that protein shake or two every day, but what if there was something else out there to help you reach your body’s optimal condition?

Here are four top supplements for MMA fighters.


These are not the chewable vitamins your mother gave you as a child. A multivitamin will ensure you get all the basic nutrients your body needs, which can be tough to do from food alone. By choosing a multivitamin that’s made for athletes, you’ll get the additional vitamins and minerals that will help you optimize your training.

Green Supplements

Greens provide vitamins and minerals and provide other benefits such as shifting the Ph balance in your blood toward an alkaline level. If you are tracking your fitness progress, then you’ll notice that more greens in your diet allows you to train at a higher intensity for a longer time.

The greens in these supplements include kelp, broccoli, wheatgrass, chlorella, and spirulina, and some include fatty acids and herbs that will detox you and increase your energy.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is an essential fatty acid that helps you burn more fat. It also increases testosterone, reduces inflammation to speed your post-workout recovery time, and cleanses your arteries. There is some evidence that fish oil may prevent cancer.

You can buy fish oil in capsules or as an oil. If you use the oil, which is stronger, you can mix it into your protein shake which will slow down the absorption rate of the protein, extending its effectiveness.

Joint Support Supplements

MMA fighting is tough on the body, especially the joints. Whether you’re training for a competition or just working out, protecting your joints now will pay big dividends in the future.

The most effective joint supplements contain glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, so look for those three ingredients on the label. Some multi-supplements contain all three, plus additional ingredients to lubricate the joints and herbs for general joint health.


Adding one or all of these supplements will help you boost your workout and get your body in its best possible condition.

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