training shorts Birddogs

These are the best training shorts and it’s not even close

I dropped $1000 to find the best training shorts this summer.

After wearing shorts while doing everything from profusely sweating, training, sleeping, and even calling Frito-Lay HQ to win an argument with my wife about whether Cheetos are chips or not (they aren’t according to Michael from customer service) – I can tell you there’s a clear winner: Birddogs.

The first thing I said after putting on my Birddogs was ”oh sh*t.” The reason for my initial exclamation is that these gym shorts are very comfortable, enough to be surprising on the first wear.

training shorts Birddogs

The inner liner softness is truly unparalleled and because the shorts are so inherently cushiony, you’ll be inclined to wear them without underwear, which their ads encourage.

They are exceedingly comfier than any other pair of training shorts I own, and for me, comfort is always paramount. I’ve now tried the classic and the khaki versions, and they’re both stupidly comfortable — and I mean that in a really good way.

The other great thing about Birddogs is their versatility. Their gym shorts are functional, cool-looking, and comfortable —you can easily wear them out just as flawlessly as you could to the gym.

Whatever technology went into making these shorts should be bottled up and used in all future short production as far as I’m concerned. At first glance, Birddogs look pretty normal. But when you hone in on the details and put them on it’s clear how these shorts are changing the gym shorts game for good.

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