After a weird if not controversial loss at PFL 2, Thiago Tavares looks to rebound with a finish at PFL 5

In his last fight, Thiago Tavares faced Robert Watley at PFL 2 and looked to get off to a good start in the Professional Fighters League’s inaugural season. But instead, the fight was marked with controversy as Watley landed an accidental groin kick. It was a direct kick and Tavares wasn’t able to recover since it was accidental, Watley was awarded the victory. Tavares was left in pain, disappointed and confused.

“I feel a lot a pain when it happened.”

“This happens, we know this, it was so hard I couldn’t go back to the fight because I feel a lot of pain.”

“I’m really disappointed because I never saw something like this before. You won by an illegal kick to the groin, I’ve never seen that before. Of course, Robert Watley is a really nice guy and it was an accidental kick, but you can not win by an illegal kick. But now I recovered an I am ready to fight again.”

Before that fight, it had been two years since Tavares fought. Now, he is happy to fight consistently.

“I stayed two years without a fight, just a student at my university. I received this opportunity to fight in PFL, I’m so happy about this. My first fight, I felt the two years without a fight. Now I feel better and I am in shape, I feel good for my second fight in PFL.”

He is also excited to showcase the action-packed style he brings with him, decisions are not an option for him.

“Everybody knows me, Thiago Tavares will come to the cage and come to finish. I don’t come to the fight to win by decision. All the time I come to give my best and I come to finish the guy. This is my game. I never did some control and win a decision. I come to finish.”

There is a lot of money on the line at the PFL and of course, Tavares would like to win it, but he has a problem.

“I have one problem; my problem is called Arthur (Estrazulas).”

As far as the fight goes, Tavares has the perfect scenario mapped out.

“The perfect scenario for me, I go to the ground and go to the armbar or he shoots on me and I get a guillotine. This is the perfect fight.”

With his experience, Tavares is one of the favorites to advance on, however, he says the thought never crosses his mind.

“I don’t think about this, I just win.”


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