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Top MMA Fighters And Their Favorites Hobbies

Mixed martial arts is no easy sport. To qualify and be fit to display their best, each fighter has to go through very rigorous training exercises. The excitement of this sport is not restricted to the fighters alone; the audience is not left out of the fun.

Thanks to the increasing number of fans, MMA is now one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. Therefore, it is not uncommon for fans to want to know almost everything they can about their heroes, like; how they spend their day, their secrets to success, and what their life like outside the ring look like. Sometimes, they want to know if they have hobbies, and in some cases, the fans might tap into the knowledge of their favorite stars who enjoy poker to understand how to select a good online California poker room.

If you’re a fan of the MMA and quite curious about the hobbies of top MMA stars, you are reading the right piece because this article will discuss the favorite hobbies of top MMA fighters. Let’s get to it.


  1. Playing Online Poker

It is no secret that intense combat sports like boxing and MMA are primarily associated with glitzy casinos typical of Las Vegas. In reality, many MMA fighters visit casinos to relieve stress and make some quick money. Sometimes, these stars may not be able to go to physical casinos and would have to resort to playing poker online.

For instance, Lex Veldhuis, apart from being famous in the MMA world, is also a celebrity in the online poker world. He is a member of many PokerStars pro teams and loves to play and stream poker tournaments online in his free time. Veldhuis also finished in 15th place on the PokerStars SCOOP main event scoreboard in 2020, winning about $60000.

Then, there is Terrence Chan, who is also very popular in the online poker world and has won two SCOOP bracelets at a time. Do you want to make playing casino games your hobby too? Then you should follow these stars closely.


  1. Playing Video Games

Some MMA Fighters (current and retired) have made video games their sanctuary and escape points. Many of them have even used video games to improve their performances in the sport. Many past and current MMA fighters have appeared on video game talk shows and declared their love for the activity.

Past UFC stars Ronda Rousey and Mighty Mouse even took their love for video games to the next level by having active gaming-related platforms on various social media platforms. Some current MMA artists who are avid gamers include; Sean O’ Malley, Stephen Thompson, Israel Adesanya, Conor McGregor, and Max Holloway.


  1. Dancing

Dancing and MMA have something in common, and that is impressive footwork. To Improve their footwork, many MMA fighters have turned to dance, and it turned out to be something they enjoy and, as such, made it their hobby.

Stars like Israel Adesanya and Paige VanZant have always thrilled their fans by putting their dancing skills on display at the octagon and on various social media platforms.


  1. Reading

“The mind is just as important as the body” is a famous saying many people, including some MMA fighters, seem to abide by. They also need to take care of their physical body and mind. They stay physically fit through rigorous training exercises and make reading a hobby to feed their minds.

For instance, Robbie Lawler, the former UFC Champion, loves reading and listening to audiobooks when he is not in the ring fighting or practicing his moves. He admits it is very good to chill and feed the mind. MMA is a sport that requires discipline, dedication, and a good state of mind, and a meaningful way you can keep the mind engaged is by reading.

Forest Griffin, a true Bruiser in the UFC light heavyweight division, is also New York Times bestselling author and loves to read books, among his other hobbies.


  1. Engaging in Extreme Activities

Some MMA superstars love to get their adrenaline pumping every time. These fighters engage in fun, extreme activities like skydiving back to the earth from thousands of feet in the sky, scuba diving into the depths of the sea, surfing, mountain climbing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, etcetera.

An excellent example of an MMA fighter who loves engaging in extreme sporting activities is Donald Cerrone, popularly known as “Cowboy.” Cowboy is an adrenaline freak who loves engaging in thrilling extreme activities outside the octagon and gym.



This article has successfully examined the favorite hobbies of top MMA fighters. As you can see, these fighters do not spend all day and night training or fighting in the octagon. They are humans too and have to enjoy their free time in some way, the same way ordinary people do.



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