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TUF’s Aaron Phillips Hoping For UFC Opportunity With Nov. 27 Win At FirePower 3

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Aaron Phillips (5-2) discusses his middleweight fight against Trey Williams (4-1) at FirePower 3 on Nov. 27. Aaron also talks about his recent experience on the Ultimate Fighter, being confused with the UFC bantamweight Aaron Phillips and why a win here could lead to a UFC opportunity.

“I just got to stay ready. I’m really for any opportunity that comes up. Being down here (in Texas) compared to Alaska, it’s hard to be at that level all the time. Since being down here I’ve always felt ready (for UFC call) After this fight hopefully I get this win and it’s impressive enough I’ll get a call from the UFC or a bigger promotion.” 

FirePower 3 fight card:

Trey Williams vs. Aaron Phillips – 185 lbs
Ozzie Alvarez vs. Lamar Reed – 170 lbs
Amir Naser Kazemi vs. Lance Lee – 135 lbs
Soslan Margiev vs. Josh Scott – 170 lbs
Kody Vogels vs. Tyler Cowan – 145 lbs
Obadiah Johnson vs. Lucas Martino – 155 lbs
A. Kaladarov vs. Payton Talbott – 145 lbs
Daniel Zaragoza vs. Jahray Hayes – 185 lbs

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