UFC 234 Roundtable

Big Game not so great? This will pick you up! UFC 234 Roundtable

It’s always a pleasure getting to hear comments and opinions from all around the world.  So when I realised, just as we were going live for this one, that it would clash with something called the Super Bowl, I was worried.  From what I’m hearing across the pond though, it was shite! Ok you guys might not use that word, but you get the message.  Maybe it wasn’t shite and I was just prithee to the moans, but in any event we got the job done!

This week’s topic is UFC 234 and on the Roundtable Panel we were joined by Colin Crandall of MMA Power Hour. Colin is a great host and very knowledgeable guy in the world of MMA. I’m delighted we could finally get him on and got to hear some fantastic insight on Israel Adesanya, Anderson Silva and the Australian fans.  We were also joined by Keith Shillan of MMA Takeover. He also writes for just about everyone in the MMA community, chances are if you’ve read a Sherdog article, it’s probably been his.  And we are also joined by Chris Allen of MMA Fight Bible, a really fun page that I would urge you to follow, great videos and posts to have in your feed.

But my favourite part is always hearing from you the fans. I’m sorry we couldn’t get through them all, but the ones we got in were amazing, talking Jim Crute, Smilin’ Sam Alvey, Robert Whittaker, Kelvin Gastelum, you name it!

It’s a fun one and thank you as always to MYMMANEWS for letting us share the thing we love, Martial Arts Chat!


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