UFC athletes give thoughts on organizing a fighter union

UFC athletes give thoughts on organizing a fighter union

I had the opportunity to ask fighters currently on the UFC roster what they thought about the possibility of organizing a fighter union and the possible benefits it would imply. With the MMAFA and Project Spearhead led by former UFC fighter Leslie Smith in tow, it was interesting to hear these fighter perspective’s about this controversial topic.

Neil Magny – “At the end of the day it’s going to be very difficult to get the fighters’ union going, other fighters are each other’s biggest downfall.  It will be very hard to get a union going when the majority of the people will be the same ones looking to shoot the other guy down.  Truth of the matter is there aren’t many fighters who are willing to step up and sign up for something that doesn’t directly represent them. I feel it’s difficult to form a union when every man is out for themself and looking to get themselves to the top.”

Ricardo Lamas– “If it can help the fighters then yeah it’s a good idea but I haven’t been approached by anyone about it but Leslie Smith contacted me on social media a couple of times.  I read the card and it said that something about by signing it they would represent me, I don’t sign shit out of the blue without having someone looking over it.  I didn’t sign it because I have no idea who these people are and what this is about.”

Gillian Robertson – “I’m not too familiar with all the details around the fighters’ union but compared to other sports just look at it, we put so much on the line and we put so much of our lives into this sport and we deserve to be paid more than what we are.”

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