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USA Boxing Announces Return Under New Strict Guidelines

Team USA Boxing has finally made it’s intentions known for it’s return. The Local Boxing Committees will be able to return to action for single day club shows after July 31st. All shows, however are to adhere to local and state guidelines for COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.

Previously postponed sanctioned events can be submitted to the LBC for approval after July 31st as well. All LBCs will be given two “test” sanctions that will begin July 10th. The sanctioned bouts will be limited to no more than 10 bouts, will not be permitted spectators, and will have other guidelines to prepare for official sanctioning on July 31st reopening. The full guidelines are not yet available but this article will be updated to tell the full story on the test sanctions and the new guidelines.

USA Boxing also made it abundantly clear that local and state guidelines will supersede any orders for them. Not-open states will not be allowed to host test sanctions or club shows until the local government gives the green light to do so.

If a state is opened up after the July 10th date by the government, the club will still have to complete at least one test sanctioned event before regular boxing can resume.

The current schedule according to USA Boxing is as follows:

June 4 – New sanctions, as well as date changes for previously postponed sanctions, may be submitted for approval for events after July 31
July 10 – “Test” sanctions may begin
July 31 – Single Day Shows may begin

About USA Boxing

USA Boxing is an organization dedicated to growing Olympic-style boxing for the United States. They encourage boxers from the USA to strive for Olympic gold and enable athletes and coaches to be competitive and sustain excellence. The organization also has an emphasis on character, confidence, and focus.

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