Who's Next: Welcome to Who’s Next Episode 1 Recap

Who’s Next: Welcome to Who’s Next Episode 1 Recap

FloGrappling’s Who’s Next Presented by Tezos Jiu-Jitsu reality contest made its debut last night.

The first episode started off with a BANG!

Sixteen men flew to Austin, Texas to take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity for $10,000 and a 3- fight contract with Who’s Number One. The fighters would be living together at a “fighter house” and competing in team challenges as the contest goes on.

The 16 contestants are Rene Sousa, Jacob Rodriguez, Andy Varela, Jansen Gomes, Izaak Michell, Josh Demas, Mike Rakshan, Spencer Fossier, Andrew Tackett, Fabian Ramirez, Kyle Chambers, Max Hanson, Daniel Manasoiu, Breylor Grout, Adam Bradley, and Tristan Overvig.

The contestants were brought to a warehouse and introduced to host, “Hollywood” Michael Sears, and the two coaches for the show- Tim Spriggs and Craig Jones.

Hollywood Mike dropped a bomb and told the competitors that everyone was fighting right now. He said if you lose you go home right away.

All 16 men fought. 8 advanced to the fighter house. 8 men went home.


Day 1 Fight Results:

Match 1: Rene Souza vs. Jay Rod: Rene Souza winner by Buggy Choke at 2:54

Match 2:  Josh Demas vs. Izaak Michell: Izzak Michell winner by Heel Hook at 4:10

Match 3: Andrew Tackett vs. Fabian Ramirez: Andrew Tackett winner by Armbar at 45:26.

Match 4: Dan Manasoiu vs. Breylor Grout: Dan Manasoiu winner by Heel Hook at 28 seconds.

Match 5: Spencer Fossier vs. Mike Rakshan: Mike Rakshan winner by Scarf Choke at 6:08.

Match 6: Max Hansen vs. Kyle Chambers: Kyle Chambers winner by Heel Hook at 9:22.

Match 7: Jansen Gomes vs. Andy Varela: Jansen Gomes winner by Shoulder Lock at 7:13.

Match 8: Tristan Overvig vs. Adam Bradley: Adam Bradley winner by Rear Naked Choke at 2 hours 53 minutes.

After the fights were over, the two coaches picked their teams.

Team Spriggs:
First Overall Pick: Jansen Gomes
Third Pick: Dan Manasoiu
Fifth Pick: Kyle Chambers
Seventh Pick: Adam Bradley

Team Jones:
Second Pick: Izzak Michell
Fourth Pick: Andrew Tackett
Sixth Pick: Rene Souza
Final Pick: Mike Rakshan

Tune in next week to see who advances and who goes home on Flograppling‘s Who’s Next Presented by Tezos!

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