Craig Jones, Who's Number One: Craig Jones vs. Pedro Marinho Live Results

Who’s Number One: Craig Jones vs. Pedro Marinho Live Results

Who’s Number One

When: Friday January 21, 2022

Where: Austin, Texas

How To Watch:

Craig Jones will face Pedro Marinho for the WNO light heavyweight title.

The event will begin at 8 p.m. ET. Three prelims will begin the event, and will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook, followed by the main card.

Main card matches will only be streamed on FloGrappling.

The main event, and all undercard matches, are scheduled for 15 minutes under WNO rules.

Results below:

Main Event: Craig Jones (B-Team) vs Pedro Marinho (Gracie Barra) – light-heavyweight (205 lbs) title match: Pedro Marinho winner by Decision.

Co Main Event: Tye Ruotolo (Atos) vs Levi Jones-Leary (Unity) – welterweight (170 lbs) title match: Tye Ruotolo winner by Kneebar. 

Nick Rodriguez (B-Team) vs Elder Cruz (Checkmat) – heavyweight (205+ lbs): Elder Cruz winner by Decision. 

Brianna Ste-Marie (Brazilian Top Team) vs Amanda “Tubby” Alequin (Gamblers) – flyweight (125 lbs): Brianna Ste-Marie winner by Decision. 

Jacob Couch (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs David Garmo (Assembly Jiu-Jitsu) – light heavyweight (205 lbs): Jacob Couch winner by Heel Hook. 

Estevan Martinez (ZR Team) vs Mikey Musumeci (Pedigo) – bantamweight (135 lbs) title match: Mikey Musumeci winner by Decision. 

Free Prelims:

Jessica Crane (Ares BJJ) vs Alexa Yanes (Rodrigo Pinheiro) – flyweight (125 lbs): Jessica Crane winner by Heel Hook. 

Michael Pixley (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Cameron Reed (10th Planet) – light heavyweight (205 lbs): Michael Pixley winner by Decision. 

Geno Morelli (B-Team) vs Kemoy Anderson (10th Planet) – middleweight (185 lbs): Geno Morelli winner by Decision. 

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