WLC strikes deal with Amazon Prime in the UK, Season 2 coming 12/22

WLC and Amazon Prime Video have agreed to bring season two of WLC to the VOD platform on December 22nd, bringing forward the debut by six months. The deal will have seven events from Myanmar that took place between 2019 and 2020. The episodes will be available for Amazon Prime users in the UK.

Krafty Entertainment head of UK is excited to have more Lethwei in the UK and looks forward to getting the ball rolling on some live events in country once fans are available to return to stadiums.

“Securing this broadcasting deal with WLC is fantastic news for UK MMA fight fans. Not only are we bringing the incredible world of Lethwei to viewers in the UK, but the deal also includes live broadcasts once they recommence in 2021 as well as an exclusive license to host live events here in the UK once fans are permitted to return to arenas.”

Lethwei and WLC in the UK

The positive reception of Lethwei in the UK has changed the timeline for WLC. Josh Warrington says it was that reception that had the second season pushed forward.

“When I first saw WLC, I knew we had to bring it to the UK. We initially developed a three-year plan to introduce WLC gradually. Originally, we were going to launch the second season next summer, but we’ve been taken so much by surprise by the success of season one that we’ve brought forward the timescales and we’re looking to start planning for live events in the UK as soon as fans are allowed back into arenas,” said Krafty Entertainment head, Josh Warrington.

The push for recognition in the UK is a great move for the sport of Lethwei and will help boost it’s growth going forward.

Stay posted to My MMA News for more information surrounding WLC and Amazon Prime’s collaboration as the sport of Lethwei will continue to grow. Thanks for reading!

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