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Workout Of The Week: Hurricane Health/Lifestyle MMA News 

Workout Of The Week: Hurricane

Workout Of The Week: Hurricane

What is a hurricane? A hurricane is a violent storm with strong gusts of wind. That’s exactly how this workout will be defined when you are finished- violent! You will attack this workout head on to simulate the feeling of a grueling fight.

One of the best strength and conditioning coaches around, Martin Rooney, developed the hurricane training program years ago while working with his fighters.

Rooney has trained many high level athletes including UFC fighters Frankie Edgar, Ricardo Almeida, and Jim Miller – just to name a few. Owner and operator of Training For Warriors, Rooney has helped Olympians and NFL teams reach their ultimate goals. Rooney is someone I look up to, and I truly believe in his style to help improve your fitness from every point possible.

Martin Rooney, developer of the Hurricane workout,
Martin Rooney (center), developer of the Hurricane workout, pictured here with Ricardo Almeida (left) and Frankie Edgar (right)

The hurricane system is devised into 5 categories, just like the storm, where a category 5 is the strongest and hardest. The way the system works is you will do two exercises back to back then do cardio for 20 seconds.

The cardio can be done on a treadmill, bike, elliptical, track or anything else that elevates your heart rate. Repeat this 3 times. After that, switch up the first two exercises and repeat the system for 4-5 circuits. Each time the speed and incline on the treadmill will increase (if you are using a treadmill).

My version of the hurricane will be all bodyweight training with sprints on the treadmill. I split the sets up into upper body first, lower body second, upper third, lower forth, and a core finisher. My version of Martin’s Hurricane goes as follows:


Jessica doing Trx Curls
Jessica doing Trx Curls

1. Pushups 20
Dips 15
Sprint 20 seconds incline at 1.0 speed at 10.0 3x

2. Squats 20
Lunges 20 (10 Each)
Sprint 20 seconds incline at 2.0 speed at 10.5 3x

3. Trx Rows 20
Trx Curls 15
Sprint 20 seconds  incline at 3.0 speed at 11.0 3x

4. Step Ups 20 (10 Each)
Side Lunges 20 (10 Each)
Sprint 20 seconds incline at 4.0 speed at 11.5 3x

5. Situps 20
Leg Raises 15
Sprint 20 seconds incline at 5.0 speed at 12.0 3x

Finish with 2- 3 rounds x 5 minutes of shadow boxing or heavy bag training.

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