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Workout Of The Week: The All-American

Saturday night, Chris “The All-American” Weidman, showed why he is one of the best middleweights in the division. Weidman co- headlined Saturdays first ever event at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in his hometown of Long Island, New York.

After losing 3 straight fights, Weidman battled back after a big knockdown in the first round. The All- American secured a nasty head and arm submission win over Kevin Gastelum in the third round.

While watching the fight, I did some research into his current and previous strength and conditioning programs. I started writing my own routine for Weidman using some of his old programs, his newer programs, and some of my own, creating the All- American workout of the week.

The All-American Workout:

1.Medi Ball Pushups 10 each side. 8 each side. 6 each side. SUPERSET with 15 Ball Slams.

2.Pistol Squat 10 each leg. 8 each leg. 6 each leg. SUPERSET with Leg Press 30 reps. 20 reps. 10 reps.

3.1 Arm Cable Row 10 each arm. 8 each arm. 6 each arm. SUPERSET with 15 Trx Rows.

4.Box Jumps Over 10 each way. 8 each way. 6 each way. SUPERSET with Stiff Leg Deadlifts 30 reps. 20 reps. 10 reps.

Circuit 1:
1.Heavy Rope Slams 50
2.Wall Balls 20
3.Incline Treadmill Sprints 45 seconds

Circuit 2:
1.Bench Press 20
2.Curl-Squat-Press 20
3.KB Swings 20

Circuit 3:
1.Pushups 25
2.Rower 500 meters
3.V-ups 20

Tabata Finisher (10 rounds. 20sec ON 10sec OFF = 5min):
Tug Of War: Take a rope and tie a KB or two to the end if it. Go to the other end and get into a wide stance pushup position. Pull the rope towards you while alternating arms until the KB end reaches you, then run it back to the start and repeat.

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