Workout Of The Week: Killer Cub - Cub Swanson vs. Doo Ho Choi

Workout Of The Week: Killer Cub

Coming off several displays of some of his best striking, Cub Swanson’s stock has never been higher.

Brian doing rope slams on the bosu
Brian doing rope slams on the bosu

With a ‘Fight Of The Year’ performance against Do Ho Choi at UFC 206 and his latest victory against Artem Lobov, ‘Killer Cub’ is on top of his game.

Swanson has won 4 straight fights dominating the competition is all aspects of the contest.

Recently Cub did an interview with one of his new sponsors, Onnit. He talks with Sean Hyson about life, his fight with Choi, and his training.

In the discussion about his training he revealed his training style changes each fight due to how his opponent is built.

He says, “If this guy is big and strong and I know he’s going to try and wrestle me down, I’ll do more strength work. If the guy is fast and the fight will involve me moving my feet a lot, I’ll do a lot of conditioning.”

Based off of that and some other things he mentions I created a Tabata workout mixed with body weight, resistance, and strength exercises that fit well with a fighter like Cub, or any fighter for that matter.

Below is the great interview Sean did with Cub earlier this month.

Q&A With Cub Swanson | Onnit Academy

Cub Swanson’s fight with Doo Ho Choi at last December’s UFC 206 was kind of like Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed (both times), only with elbows, kicks, and submission attempts. A bout that ESPN dubbed Fight of The Year ended with Swanson’s hand raised in a unanimous decision, although the performance both men put on ensured there was no real loser.

There are 12 exercises in this routine. Each exercise follows the Tabata format which is 20 seconds of HARD work followed by a 10 second REST and repeating this 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

Soon as the 4 minutes are up, take a 30- 60 second rest and go right into the next exercise. The routine covers all body parts and works on the strength and conditioning aspects as a whole, all at the same time.

Killer Cub workout

Killer Cub:

Nick doing bosu pushups
Nick doing bosu pushups
  1. Bosu Pushups.

  2. KB Swings on the Bosu.

  3. Planks: Front/ Side/ Front/ Side/ Repeat.

  4. Dead-Clean-Press.

  5. Step Ups with a high knee: Odd Right/ Even Left.

  6. Rower.

  7. Box Jumps.

  8. Bosu Rope Slams: Odd Alternating/ Even Together.

  9. Straight Leg Situps.

10. Speed Uppercuts with resistance bands.

Brian Jensen - Resistance Band Uppercuts
Brian Jensen – Resistance Band Uppercuts
  1. Roundhouse Kicks with resistance bands.

  2. Sprints : Elliptical or Treadmill or Bike or Outside.


Good luck! Have Fun!

Nick doing kettle bell swings on the Bosu.
Nick doing kettle bell swings on the Bosu.

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