Yorgan De Castro Went Full Thanos at UFC 243

Oct 5, 2019; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA; Yorgan De Castro (blue gloves) defeats Justin Tafa (red gloves) during UFC 243 at Marvel Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasmin Frank-USA TODAY Sports

Yorgan De Castro Went Full Thanos at UFC 243

Yorgan De Castro calls himself, “The Mad Titan” and won his UFC debut fight at UFC 243 at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. If that weren’t proof enough that he might possess some infinity stones, he definitely is holding the power stone since he displayed power in his first-round knockout of Justin Tafa in the first round.

De Castro displayed his power to a record 57000 fans at UFC 243 and he is just getting started in the UFC. De Castro told ESPN that he found out he was getting bumped up to the main card on his way to Melbourne and he felt like everything was meant to play out the way it did. “My nickname is ‘Mad Titan’ and I’m fighting in Marvel stadium,” De Castro pointed out and added it was all lining up “for a good show.”

All comic book analogies aside, De Castro acknowledged Tafa’s power and home town advantage. “I knew it was me or him,” De Castro said and was worried about Tafa’s uppercut. Tafa had his own string of wins by knockout as well, and De Castro was not taking him lightly.

When De Castro landed his shot he walked away knowing the fight was over. It was reminiscent of Mark Hunt, who De Castro is a fan of and he said of his debut, “I’m a fan of Mark Hunt, I’m a fan of the UFC and now I’m in the UFC.”

The heavyweight division likely knows Yorgan De Castro is in the UFC too and with an early finish like that, he will likely be returning to action soon. If De Castro had his way, he would fight three times in the next three months. “I don’t care who,” De Castro said, “I got bills to pay, I need to fight.”

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