Yuya Wakamatsu Reveals Advice He Received From MMA GOAT Demetrious Johnson

Yuya Wakamatsu Reveals Advice He Received From MMA GOAT Demetrious Johnson

Former foes Yuya Wakamatsu and Demetrious Johnson shared some words after their bout in 2019.

Yuya Wakamatsu (15-4) revealed advice he received from the former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson – Johnson is regarding as one of the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.

“After I finished fighting with DJ, I asked him a lot of questions during our fighter’s trip in Phuket. I asked him how he was fighting. Before that, I really felt like I was going on a suicide mission. I had done what I had to do, so I was going to take him down and finish him off with one strong strike in 15 minutes. Even if I ran out of gas, that was the way I fought.”

“When I got to the top, I was using my head. Calmness, I mean. I always forget myself, and when I’m doing well, I’m good, but when I’m not, I fall down. This time as well, I was sick before the fight [with Hu Yong], but I kept myself steady and kept my mind focused on picking up this win, for sure. That’s what I learned from DJ.”

Wakamatsu defeated Yong Hu by unanimous decision at ONE Championship: Winter Warriors. The surging Japanese Phenom strengthened his claim for a World Title shot with a dominant victory in their flyweight mixed martial arts battle at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday, 3 December.

“I still remember it well. I really tried to relax and take deep breaths until just before the last minute. It is like when the bell rings, I focus on my opponent and concentrate for 15 minutes. I study every single fight. I’m not just a brawler. I have to think about it and face myself.”

Johnson (28-3-1) got the better of Yuya Wakamatsu in their bout. Johnson would win via second round of their flyweight grand prix tournament opening-round bout at “ONE Championship 92: A New Era.” Johnson got the finish at the 2:40 mark.

Following the defeat from Johnson, Wakamatsu would win five straight fights and now looks to have a shot at now champion Adriano “Mikinho” Moraes. The advice given to Wakamatsu helped him understand how to approach a fight and how to stay calm under pressure.

One of the greatest of all time handing down some advice to a surging prospect, what mixed martial arts should all be about.

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