Yaroslav Amosov

Photo courtesy of Amosov's Instagram account.

21-0 Yaroslav Amosov looks to turn a victory over David Rickles at Bellator 225 into a run at the title

Undefeated welterweight prospect Yaroslav Amosov returns to the Bellator cage on August 24 to take on his toughest test yet in David Rickels. I talked to the 21-0 prospect who looks to turn himself into a contender with a victory.

In your past two fights, you have faced the most experienced fighters (Erick Silva and Gerald Harris) in your career and have come out victorious, how big of a confidence boost is that for you?

“You’re right. It was very important for me to win in these two battles, because it was my debut in the USA and also in such a prestigious organization as Bellator. That is why these fights were not very spectacular for someone, I did not want to take risks, so I would win for sure.”

It’ll be a little over six months since we’ve last seen you in the cage, why the layoff and what area have you most improved in since you last fought?

“I improve my skills every day in training. I think I’m better in all aspects, as I devote a lot of time to the training process.”

What are the keys to victory for you?

“I think I can win in any aspect, both in impact technique and in wrestling.”

How do you win this fight?

“I think we will go through all three rounds and I will take each one to my advantage. But I will be determined to win by knockout.”

Where do you see yourself in this division if you are able to get the win over Rickles?

“I think after the victory over Rickels I will have one or two fights and I can get a fight for the Bellator champion belt.”

I haven’t seen any interviews with you previously, what would you like fans to know about you and what do you enjoy doing outside of training and fighting

“I spend a lot of time with my beloved girlfriend Julia. I have a lot of hobbies, mostly these are extreme sports: I ride a motorcycle, spent some time stunt riding, snowboarding, I like to jump with a parachute. I get great pleasure from everything where I feel adrenaline. When I do not train, my hobbies distract me and charge me with additional energy for the next battles. I love walking with my dog named Dallas, he is my main running partner.”

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