5 Things You Should Know About Vape Juice Before Making Your Next Order

5 Things You Should Know About Vape Juice Before Making Your Next Order

Vape devices are an absolute hit among people for a very long time now. With that popularity came a variety of cheap vape juice you can order in online shops or vape equipment stores. The choice is growing at the speed of light.

Since the craze for vape is getting bigger every day, a handful of new vape liquids and flavors appear on the online market. The only problem is that people don’t know much about vape juices and what to seek to find a quality one.

It’s not like you can buy everything you see without any knowledge about the product, especially if you are searching for a suitable vape liquid. You need to know some basics to find a quality vape juice that meets your needs and requirements.

Here are five things to pay attention to before you make a new vape juice order.

1.     How PG Affects Your Vaping Experience

Propylene glycol is a substance without odor, and it is completely tasteless. Its role in vape liquids is to carry the flavoring. PG can bond all kinds of ingredients, save their moisture and make them thicker. You can find PG in almost every toothpaste and mouthwash product.

When we talk about e-liquids, PG serves as a vehicle that makes the flavor sharper and enhances its taste. So, if you take e-juice with a higher PG ratio, you will be able to enjoy the complete vaping experience and feel the exact note of flavor.

People who love to feel the stronger throat hit, similar to the one that tobacco produces, will love e-liquids with a higher PG ratio. Just keep in mind that some people are allergic to propylene glycol, so be careful when you start with a higher PG ratio.

2.     How VG Affects Your Vaping Experience

Vegetable glycerin, or mostly known as Glycerol, is a palm tree liquid and a derivative of vegetable oil. Lots of people confuse it with oil. But VG is a thick and clear liquid and also water-soluble. That’s why it can be used as one of the ingredients for making vape juice.

This substance is safe for ingestion and approved by the FDA. What you need to know is that a higher VG ratio will make puffs and clouds denser. If you’re seeking a smoother and softer throat hit, you should opt for a higher VG.

The only problem is that VG can make vape device cleaning much more complicated because of its syrupy texture. However, if you are a cloud chaser, your next vape juice order should be a higher VG ratio liquid.

3.     How to Do Popular “Stepping Effect”

Have you ever tried stepping? If you haven’t, then it’s time to do it and improve your vape juice. Stepping is the process by which you will make your vape juice become like the finest wine you have ever tasted – specifically, the oxidation of vape juice through the molecules in it.

Stepping is quite simple; all you need to do is add a nicotine shot to your Short-fill bottle and shake it. You need to be patient and leave it for a couple of days in a cool and dry place so that ingredients can mix properly.

Once the vape juice and nicotine blend, you’ll experience the best possible flavor. You can try this next time you order a vape juice and have a whole new vaping experience.

4.     Properly Store E-Juice

Vape juices need to be stored appropriately. They are made of particular ingredients which require cooler and drier places to maintain the correct chemical composition. If you keep them in areas that are exposed to the sun, you will notice that they change color after a while. Even the flavor will be different.

To avoid that, you’ll need a dry and dark place to store all your bottles. So try not to stock up on vape juice. Order as much as you need until your next purchase so you will always have a fresh and full of flavor e-liquid.

5.     Avoid E-Juices With Added Diacetyl

You should always check the label and ingredients of vape juice before you make your purchase. Some of them can have diacetyl, which is a very harmful chemical. It can cause dangerous lung disease. Even if some tests show that vapers cannot inhale that much diacetyl, it is still a substance to avoid.

There are so many vape juices you can buy which are diacetyl-free. Naturally, you should look to buy vape products that don’t contain diacetyl. Ask the shop to give you a detailed list of the ingredients in their products.


Vape products often have a bad reputation because people buy them from unreliable and shady vendors. Just like in every other industry, there are certain things you need to know before you make your purchase to get a quality product.

So, follow these five tips next time you’re planning to order vape juice, and you will enjoy your vaping experience as you deserve.


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