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Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady trains children as he prepares for BRAVE 10 MMA News 

Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady trains children as he prepares for BRAVE 10

Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady is set to face multi-time champion from the United Kingdom, Charlie Leary in the first edition of Brave in Jordan. The event is of high importance as the results will pave the path towards the contender spot in the Lightweight division in the near future. As the preparations are in progress, Al-Selwady is finding time to work on his passion project of empowering children with self confidence, social responsibility and discipline through martial arts training.

Abdul Kareem trains children at Fortis MMA in Texas, USA where is preparing for his bout against Leary.  His students have expressed support and wished that their mentor will be successful in his upcoming bout in Jordan. The Lightweight fighter from Jordan who has won eight fights out of his nine appearances had made an impactful bout in Bahrain during the ninth edition of the show. Abdul Kareem defeated Erick Carlos Silva from Brazil by TKO due to doctor stoppage. Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises which will be held in Amman, Jordan on March 2 will witness the return of Abdul Kareem, to compete before his fans and family in Jordan.

“I grew up defending kids that were being bullied because it always bothered me. It is the ultimate privilege to use the strength to defend the weaker. I am still on the same mission to empower the next generation with value systems that make them stronger, responsible and valuable to the society. They are our future and they are going to take over one day, so I would like to be a part of their success and their journey. Many people have stood by me throughout my career, shaping my success. So this is how I can give back to the community”, explained Abdul Kareem, when asked about his project.

Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady trains children as he prepares for BRAVE 10

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