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Adam Atiyeh discusses life outside the cage and capturing the Art Of War belt Interviews MMA News 

Adam Atiyeh discusses life outside the cage and capturing the Art Of War belt

Adam Atiyeh Opens Up

Photos by Lance Stein of LSS Photography

Adam “The Arch Angel” Atiyeh is one of the most intriguing, yet mysterious MMA fighters in the tri-state region.

Atiyeh has a ton of athletic achievements, competed in multiple sports but found his niche in MMA.

He labels that he is from “Parts Unknown” due to the many moves in his life…Some to places he didn’t want to be.

If you’ve never heard of the name “Adam Atiyeh” but have been to regional fights in the northeast region to include New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you can recognize him by leopard print compression trunks (or in one instance, a banana hammock), but there’s more to Atiyeh than what meets the eye. He’s a showman and entertainer at the end of the day which makes his name circulate whether you love him or hate him.

Last Friday, April 28th, Atiyeh took on Shane “Tank” Wilson for the Art Of War light heavyweight title and defeated Wilson in his backyard of Lancaster, PA. Atiyeh was kind enough to share some time with MyMMANews’ own, Adam Crist to discuss the bout with Wilson, his haunting past, and much more! Tune in below!


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Adam Crist

Adam Crist

Currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Wilmington University, Adam’s passion for the sport only grows stronger when a fighter’s voice can be heard. He thrives on asking detailed questions to inspire the thoughts behind the punches in hopes that each fighter can find their proper justice. Specializing in pre and post fight interviews for MyMMANews, Adam strives to keep the fight fans up to speed with the most recent and authentic MMA news possible. He is Co-promoter of Delaware’s premier kick-boxing and Muay Thai organization, IBF Promotions. Recently he has also accompanied MMA organizations Global Proving Ground and XCC as Co-host and ringside commentator.

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