live AFL betting, Aldo enters the Mayweather/McGregor/ Malignaggi fray

Aldo enters the Mayweather/McGregor/ Malignaggi fray

Jose Aldo Says McGregor Has No Respect

Commenting on the split between Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi, Jose Aldo stated that McGregor was disrespectful and bad for MMA.

Before 2016 and the short-notice submission victory Nate Diaz enjoyed over McGregor, Aldo was McGregor’s main competitor. He and Aldo took part in almost a year of promotional hype before facing off at UFC 194, where McGregor triumphed and took the UFC featherweight title –in the first round. Safe to say there’s more than a little hostility between these two.

One of the Youngest Champions

Jose Aldo is one of the youngest winners in MMA, a ferocious Muay Thai striker who hits accurately and powerfully. He beat Mike Brown to take the WEC featherweight title at WEC 44, and has gone on to defend it against Urijah Faber, remaining the current featherweight champion for the UFC.

McGregor Does the MMA an Injustice

In an interview with FightHype, Aldo tackled McGregor’s clash with former training partner Paulie Malignaggi, and called the former a bad representative of the MMA. He spoke of McGregor’s lack of respect for the sport and the people involved in it, and added that he was not a good representative for the MMA.

The Dispute that is Making Waves

Malignaggi was brought in to fight with McGregor in order for the latter to start preparing for the upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather, but departed last week after a disagreement arose about certain images being released that show McGregor in a very favourable light. Malignaggi says that these pictures are not a true representation of what occurred –claiming that he, in fact, dominated McGregor, not the other way around.

This press-move has resulted in Malignaggi, a former world champion boxer, departing McGregor’s training camp last Thursday, and then taking the issue to Twitter, as one does, unleashing the full force of his rage against the cocky Irishman and his squad.

The furore didn’t stop there: Malignaggi once again took to Twitter to vent his rage on Saturday, and fired a few more shots at McGregor, stating that the fighter whimpered whenever blows landed, a statement which Aldo supports and seems to agree with.

McGregor Hardly the Hardest Hitter

Aldo has said that he accepted Malignaggi’s comments as true, and went on to say that he also agrees with previous statements made by the boxer wherein  Malignaggi stated that while McGregor may have good power, he was scarcely the hardest hitter in the world of the MMA.

Aldo said that McGregor may have a good punch, but that he was most certainly not the biggest. He added that the tiny size of the MMA gloves –just four ounces – added to this, and that fighters dropped as a result of the connection made.  Punters are keeping a close eye on the stats for this fight,  and the thickness of the gloves are playing an important role in who wagers on which fighter. MMA is a contact sport much like AFL, and if betting on this fight  isn’t your thing you can always try your luck at live AFL betting instead, as it may be a bit easier to predict who will come out on top- this time around anyway.

Aldo Speaks from Experience

Aldo is probably the most well-known victim of the four-ounce glove power: he was knocked out in just 13 seconds! For a while after that, avenging the shattering loss was Aldo’s biggest priority, but thanks to the #MayMac fight coming up, the former long-term featherweight champion says he will never have the chance to do so, since he firmly believes McGregor will retire on the 27th of August! Aldo firmly believes that McGregor will retire with the money he is set to earn from this fight, and that as of the end of August he will never appear in an MMA or boxing ring again.

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