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Alex Nicholson: “Oscar is in trouble. I can’t wait to see him again!”

In a rematch that has fight fans drooling, Titan FC’s current heavyweight kickboxing champ, Alex Nicholson will take on his previous opponent, Oscar Sosa.

However, this time, they’ll face off under MMA rules; an area Nicholson is particularly confident in.

Their first took place at Titan FC 75 bout was absolute insanity from the opening bell, with both heavyweights landing bombs from the jump. Sosa, connected with a flush left hook in the midst of a heated exchange, dropping Nicholson for the count. What would happen next, was a mistake for the ages.

Following the knockdown, the referee, mistakenly stepped in to stop the fight, opposed to starting the count. Nicholson bounced back to his feet to continue the fight as well as plead his case for the error.  At this point, Sosa had exited the cage, in celebration.  Nicholson’s cornermen, as well as Titan FC’s CEO, Lex McMahan entered the ring in an attempt to figure out what to do to mend the costly error.

Fast forward several minutes of discussion, corralling Sosa back into the cage, and getting the referee up to speed on the rule set and we were back underway!

Nicholson’s body language alone painted a picture of what was to come. Visibly bothered by what had just transpired, Nicholson knew the task ahead of him and got to work with a quickness.

Stalking his opponent, chopping away with heavy kicks, and battering punch combinations, Nicholson was on his way to heavyweight gold in enemy territory as Sosa slowly faded.

After a chaotic beginning to the first round, all the way to the final bell, the bout in its entirety was destined for a rematch. In just a few short days, we’ll get to see just that as these two colossal heavyweights are throwing down, once more at Titan FC 78. 

Tune in above as Titan FC’s heavyweight kickboxing king, Alex Nicholson talks his rematch with We breakdown the chaotic first fight. He discusses is “crazy” to want to get back in there with Nicholson.  As well as discuss how Nicholson doesn’t feel the playing field is even on the ground and so much more! 


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