Aljamain Sterling

Aljamain Sterling explains trash talk towards Henry Cejudo: “Everything I’ve said was rightfully warranted”

Before it was announced that he would face Jose Aldo in the main event of UFC 250 in May for the bantamweight title, Henry Cejudo was engaged in a heated social media war with top-contender Aljamain Sterling. After being called out for a derogatory racial comment towards Sterling, Cejudo changed his tone, but Sterling didn’t let the trash talk get to him, and responded back with his own.

After the fight between Cejudo and Aldo was made, Aljamain Sterling had plenty to say about the matchup, including his thoughts that the UFC is milking Aldo for every last dollar while he’s still around. During an interview with MMA Tonight on Sirius XM, Sterling was asked about his recent interaction with Cejudo, and has no regrets about anything that was said.

“Hell no. Everything I’ve said was rightfully warranted. I saw an interview with him, I forgot which fight it was that he won, but he said ‘oh I missed weight because it’s kind of funny, I ate a bad burrito.’ I look at his body and his body look soft, and he got hurt to the body against DJ [Demetrious Johnson] at the time, so I go, you know what, his body’s like a soft taco. My body’s a hard taco, it’s hard to crack. His body is a soft taco. So I’m like you know what I’m going to crush that soft taco body and I got the hard taco body.”

More than anything, Sterling said his trash talk was centered on the differences between himself and Cejudo react to taking shots to the body, and how they each respond to them.

“You can touch the body, I’ve been punched in the body multiple times, I don’t go down. He went down, he folded and quit. He had some nerves to talk about I folded. I’m like, you quit. You had the choice of staying in the fight, you rolled over in pain and agony in the fetal position like a f***ing little baby and you quit, you gave up, you begged for the ref to save your life. That’s the way I look at it.”

While Henry Cejudo has taken much criticism for his trash-talking antics, it seems as if Sterling was not attempting to make it about race or anything other than how Cejudo reacts to certain damage in fights.

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