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Aljamain Sterling says UFC is ‘milking’ Jose Aldo for every last dollar with title shot

Aljamain Sterling has an idea as to why Jose Aldo got the bantamweight title shot against Henry Cejudo.

At UFC 250, Aldo, who’s 0-1 at bantamweight will battles Cejudo in a fight many fighters and fans are mad at. Sterling, who many think should be getting that shot believes the Brazilian is fighting for UFC gold because the promotion is trying to milk every last dollar out of him.

“I’m not inside the UFC’s organization so I don’t really know what the UFC brass does,” Sterling said on Sirius XM (via “But I would imagine it has something to do with Jose Aldo being able to bring in more money through Combate or one of those Brazilian sponsors. From where I stand they’re milking him for every last dollar they can while he’s still around.”

Yet, Alajmain Sterling believes UFC 250 will not be a pay-per-view draw with Cejudo-Aldo as the main event.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a pay-per-view draw so to speak. Being a guy coming off two losses, I understand he’s a popular guy in terms of what he has done in the past,” he explained. “But to be honest this is about ‘what have you done for me lately?’ and lately, 2-4 in your last six fights is not a very good number to have that warrants a title shot, you don’t see that too often. I’m just going to say Jose got lucky with this one.”

Aljamain Sterling also took the opportunity to slam for Cejudo for even calling for this fight in the first place instead of wanting to fight top contender.

“Henry Cejudo kind of bi***ing out and wanting to fight a guy who he thinks he’s matches up better with. At the end of the day he knows I’m a much better fight for him. I’m younger, I’m faster, I’m stronger, I’m confident right now and I’m too fast. I’m too explosive, even dynamite couldn’t hold me. That’s the fight they [UFC] wanted to make, I’m hoping it backfires,” he concluded. “And it backfires on Henry and maybe he gets smacked up and loses the belt. He’ll be beltless, then I don’t know what we’ll call him, maybe we’ll call him Henry Chump.”

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