Bec Rawlings Interested in Match With Heather Hardy After Bellator 240

Bec Rawlings Interested in Match With Heather Hardy After Bellator 240

Bec Rawlings came out on top of her match in Dublin last weekend at Bellator 240 when she defeated Elina Kallionidou by unanimous decision. Rawlings is 1-1 in Bellator and 8-9 overall in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), but she has excelled in the world of bare-knuckle boxing and thinks a match between her, and Heather Hardy might make for a good bit of fun.

Rawlings said as much after the win and in the scrum posted by MMA Fighting, she said, “I would really like to fight Heather Hardy,” Rawlings told the media when asked what she would like next. She said, “I think it’ll be an awesome fight. She’s a boxer, I’m a bare-knuckle boxing champion so I think, and stylistically that’ll be a good fight.”

Hardy is not “just a boxer”, she is the former WBO featherweight champion and has dabbled in MMA herself. While Hardy’s 2-2 MMA record is young compared to Rawlings, she has never been one to back down from a challenge or an opportunity to fight in either sport. Hardy caught wind of Rawlings’ win and the call out and replied with, “Congrats on a great win champ! Let’s do it!”

With both women skilled in striking, in an MMA match, Rawling’s might have the upper hand. However, when Hardy faced another MMA fighter with a boxing background in Ana Julaton at Bellator 194, she was able to win by decision. It would definitely make for an interesting matchup and in Hardy’s social media reply, she tagged Bellator to let her interest be known.

Rawlings went 3-0 with BKFC and became known as the “Queen of Bare Knuckle” in her time with the promotion before signing with Bellator. With both pugilists interested, why not make the match?

Will Bellator book this one?

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