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Belal Muhammad explains why he, not Kamaru Usman, should be next for Leon Edwards

UFC welterweight contender Belal Muhammad explained why he, and not Kamaru Usman, should be next for Leon Edwards and a shot at the UFC welterweight title.

In one of the craziest upsets in any UFC title fight ever, Edwards landed a beautiful high kick with just about a minute left in the fifth round of his title fight against Usman at UFC 278 back in August, taking the belt in the process. For Edwards to come back and win after clearly losing the majority of the fight was beyond impressive. But it also opened up the door for an immediate rematch against Usman, who had already beaten Edwards once before and who was on a very long winning streak prior to getting finished in devastating fashion by the Brit.

UFC president Dana White has hinted that his company is planning on the rematch between Usman and Edwards next year in England, but if you ask Muhammad, he should be the one getting the title shot. Speaking on a recent Instagram live chat (via, Muhammad laid out his case for why he should be next in line for the belt. After winning his last four fights since a No Contest with Edwards, Muhammad believes he’s worthy of the shot.

“We’re talking numbers, we’re talking rankings, you want to make this a real sport. If you want to make this a real sport, there’s no rematches once you lose the Super Bowl. You lose the Super Bowl, you lost the Super Bowl, that’s it, you’re going to have to wait until next year. You don’t get a, ‘Ahh, man. That was a lucky pass.’ Nah, you lost, you don’t get the rematch right away. You’ve got to go through a whole other season to try and get back there again. So, Usman, sit down a little bit, relax, heal up, let me fight Leon Edwards,” Muhammad said.

Do you agree with Belal Muhammad that he should be next in line to fight Leon Edwards, not Kamaru Usman?

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