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Belal Muhammad outworks Lyman Good to a Unanimous Decision

Belal Muhammad lands a jab on Lyman Good during their fight in June 2020. Muhammad won the fight by unanimous decision.

Belal Muhammad outworks Lyman Good to a Unanimous Decision

The world’s largest MMA promotion is back in Las Vegas, Nevada for the fourth-consecutive week tonight, Saturday, June 20.

UFC on ESPN 11 takes place inside the UFC Apex and is headlined by heavyweight contenders Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov. The co-main event features a featherweight clash between Shane Burgos and Josh Emmett.

In a welterweight bout, Lyman Good and Belal Muhammad are rescheduled from a bout originally set for UFC 249. Good was forced off of the card, claiming an injury. However, Good disclosed the truth, admitting he tested positive for the Coronavirus, instead of the injury he originally claimed. UFC 249 would go on to be rescheduled the following month, due to the worldwide restrictions of Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic.

2 months later, Good is fully recovered from the virus and ready to resume action. With both fighters itching to get back to work, Good and Muhammad made good on their word and will settle the score in the cage on the main card of UFC on ESPN 11.

Muhammad enters this bout looking to keep his momentum going, riding a 2 fight win streak. Good is looking to get on his own win streak following a 3rd round TKO over Chance Rencountre.

Here is how the lightweight bout between Lyman Good and Belal Muhammad went down at UFC on ESPN 11, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.

Round 1

The fighters exchange jabs with Muhammad following with al eg kick. He follows with another leg kick but Good catches it. Good lets a combination go with Muhammad moving backwards, landing a nasty right to the body. Muhammad circles out, lands a few of his own, followed by a missed head kick. Muhammad is using angles to work inside, while Good looks to stalk and cut off Muhammad, forcing him to the cage. Muhammad lands a solid right uppercut while blitzing forward with a punch combination upstairs. Good returns fire with nothing significant landing. Muhammad lands a jab straight. Both fighters miss with a headkick as the fight works its way back to center-cage. Muhammad continues to utilize his movement, moving in and out at angles when he commits to his striking. Good is taking more of the bullying tactic, stalking Muhammad, and unloading a barrage of heavy punches to keep Muhammad guessing, and wary of the power. Muhammad attempts another he’d kick, which misses its mark. With 20 seconds left, Muhammad is the aggressor, landing a few punches to the head while working his kicks before the bell sounds.

MyMMANews scores round one for Belal Muhammad. 10-9

Round 2

The fighters exchange jabs to open this round. Both fighters pump out their punches to feel the other out. Muhammad commits to a leg kick. Good comes forward with a combination which misses it’s mark. Muhammad changes the pace by shooting for the takedown. He gets Good down briefly, with Good bouncing right to his feet. Muhammad keeps Good against the fence and lands some solid punches on the way out. Good is pumping his jab with one of his fingers glancing Muhammad. Good is warned and the action resumes. Good goes on the offense landing a hard right hand, followed by a head kick, putting Muhammad against the fence. Muhammad does a great job recovering, circles out and gets back to work with his own head kick. Muhammad follows with another kick and ands a 3 piece punch combination, flush, and makes a clean exit.

Good seemingly feels a sense of urgency as he is moving forward, consistently. Muhammad is landing cleanly, more and more with Good walking straight forward. Good continues pressing forward and in the midst of a blitzing forward with a barrage of hooks, manages to land a straight right clean on Muhammad, followed by a left hook. Muhammad wobbles and wisely retreats. The fight gets back to the center of the cage and the fighters exchange jabs. Muhammad attempts a head kick and spinning elbow. Good is marching forward but Muhammad has strategically picked Good apart for the closing 20 seconds.

MyMMANews scores round two for Belal Muhammad. 10-9

Round 3

The fighters waste no time and exchange heavy jab-straight hands. Muhammad goes back to utilizing his footwork. Good looks to get ahold of Muhammad to unload as Muhammad circles away. The fighters trade leg kicks. Trade jabs, and Good lands a clean right hand, clearly rocking Muhammad, followed by a left hand that drops Muhammad to the canvas. Muhammad is quick to grab ahold of Good, to recover and get back to his feet, forcing Goods back against the cage. Muhammad stays on the leg looking for a takedown which he almost gets, but Good fends it off. Good knows Muhammad is hurt, as he stays on Muhammad, walking him down with his hands down and landing jabs at will for a bit. Muhammad stays in the fight, throwing his own combinations as he is backpedaling to recover. Good lands another right hand upstairs followed by two shots to the body. Muhammad comes forward, getting Good against the fence with his punches. Good jumps off the cage for a Superman punch as the fighters clinch. Muhammad lands a clean knee and fight fighters separate. With a minute left, Good lands another hard right hand. Muhammad makes up for it with his punch output. Muhammad gets good to the ground with 30 seconds and immediately secures back control. Muhammad spends the rest of the round hunting Goods neck to finish the fight. However, good is able to thwart off the submission attempts and the final bell sounds.

MyMMANews scores round 3 for Lyman Good

Official result. Muhammad Belal wins via unanimous decision (29-38), (29-28), (29-28)

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